Monday, February 3, 2014

Completing Even A Mundane Task, Like Laundry, Can Give A Person An Emotional Lift. Taking That Into Consideration, The Piles Of Dirty Clothes In My Upstairs Hallway Are Essentially Little Mountains Of Potential Joy. Right?

Once again, it's time for a stiff upper lip, Denver!  We should be pretty used to this by now.  All those Super Bowl victories have been great, but overcoming shocking losses has (unfortunately) been a more common day-after experience for our fair city.  And once again, as Bronco fans, we find ourselves facing yet another disappointing post-Super Bowl Monday.

That said, this post shall be a short one as a Super Bowl letdown, combined with slight parenting stress, a messy house, a little anxiety in the work department, and the very sad passing of a talented actor have me feeling less than glib.  Although when I think about the Bruno Mars halftime performance the corners of my mouth do lift up a bit.

I think I'll take a walk today to soak in some much-needed sunshine and emotionally helpful Vitamin D.  You can keep your clouds and coffee, Seattle - at least in Colorado we can soothe our hearts with sunny skies.  Congratulations anyway, Seahawks.  You have a really good defense and a nice quarterback too.  Plus your uniforms look cool.

Now on to the Olympics!

It's Meatless Monday and unfortunately, we'll have to delay our meatless meal until later in the week.  I made a celebratory pot roast for the Super Bowl, but the moods were so low and we'd eaten a truck load of 7-layer dip throughout the evening, and now I have a ton of leftovers.  Our refrigerator has a storage capacity only slightly larger than a dorm room fridge, so we need to eat the pot roast tonight to clear some room before our milk delivery arrives.

I'm wearing this.

The white jeans are a consciously defiant move in the face of a week of freezing temps.

gratitude:  hyacinths, yoga, accessories, peach detox tea

thanks and love.

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