Wednesday, January 22, 2014

You Know How It Is When You Eat A Piece Of Cake And It's So Delicious That You Go Back For Another? The Second Piece Confirms That This Is The Greatest Cake You've Ever Eaten, So You Have A Third Because This Kind Of Baked Good Perfection Doesn't Happen Every Day? But Now You Don't Feel Happy, Just Barfy? That's How I Feel Only Substitute 'Inspirational Reading' For 'Cake'.

I have been on an over two year binge of inspirational readings and practices and I simply don't have any more room left in my head for this kind of information, so I'm going on a bit of a cleanse.  It seems weird to have to purge my life of so many wonderful words and lessons and rituals, but I've overdone it and now what started out as a beautiful bit of daily enrichment has become an arduous task of overwhelming, and frankly, crippling proportions.

It started as a simple, but regular yoga and meditation practice that I began during a particularly sensitive time in my life.  It felt great and I knew I was gaining a lot of insight, strength, and wisdom from it.  I added the task of reading a certain inspirational website on a daily basis to fortify all I was learning.  To that I included more websites offering multiple articles on insight, productivity, wellness, spirituality, motivation and the like.  Books on the subject filled my Kindle.  There were daily email alerts I felt compelled to read, Facebook posts, Pinterest pins, YouTube videos, and a slew of yoga practices to strengthen my doshas, chakras, and immune system.  I added recorded meditations, journaling, I focused on my core desired feelings, worked to establish a miracle mindset and always, always strove to release fear and ego.  It just got to be too much.

I felt I needed to start my day with all this so I'd be a more joyful, more centered, and more productive person.  But eventually I came to resent it all.  It took me so long to slog through everything and I worried, if I didn't, I'd miss The One Thing that would bring it all together for me.  It started to get in the way of actually living life.  It became a bit of an addiction.  And I was moving farther and farther away from actually being joyful, centered, and productive.

You can, indeed, have too much of a good thing.

So I've decided to eliminate the vast majority of my current spiritual, inspirational, and self-help intake for now.  I've unsubscribed from all the reminders and updates.  I'm sure I'll come back to some of these resources once I've given myself a chance to put my learned knowledge into practical action, but for now, the act of just being is my priority.  I feel lighter already.

I'm wearing this:

Nothing says "I'm ready to be my best me" like a grey t-shirt and white jeans.  Practically a cliche, right?

* We will be leaving tomorrow for a long weekend in the mountains.  I don't think I'll post on Friday, as I expect I'll be bravely chasing my family down the slopes and very much looking forward to an apres ski glass of wine.  Happy weekends, all!

gratitude:  birthdays (Happy Birthday, Geoff!!), manicures, sunrises, coffee

thanks and love.

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