Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I Don't Mean To Toot My Own Horn, But For The Second Year In A Row, I Managed To Send In Our Car Registrations Before The Bonus Month Expired. I'm Kinda Kicking Butt And Taking Names Now When It Comes To Time Management.

Sometimes I feel like I could be getting a lot more done in a day.  It's not so much when I have a staging project to work on or a writing job -  maybe I focus more when I'm getting paid? - but it seems like when it comes to just the day-to-day life maintenance activities I could stand to step up the urgency a bit.  I'll occasionally have one of those days where I'm firing on all cylinders, checking things off my list, and running at full speed.  But for the most part, I find I'm easily distracted by the computer - I've already Googled Nancy Meyer movie sets, funny last-minute Halloween costumes, and found myself a new running back for fantasy football today.  It's barely past 8 o'clock in the morning.

While this lack of productivity can be irksome, I also feel though, that down time can be very valuable. I couldn't possibly be one of those people who go go go from dawn until dusk - and I accept that about myself.  But one thing I know I could do better is to take care of things before they become a problem that stresses me out.  I read somewhere recently (on a distracting Google search, perhaps?) that the calmest and most peaceful people are the ones that take care of things before they become problems.   They aren't necessarily at peace because they handle stress well: they manage to avoid as much stress as possible in the first place.  Ah!!

So, because each journey begins with a single step,  I'm ordering a water filter for our refrigerator as soon as I post this blog.  Last night the message to "Order new H2O filter" scrolled across the screen on the fridge.  In years past, I'd see that note and think to myself, "I need to remember to do that.  I'll make sure I order one when I get a chance."  Well, clearly I could never find the time to squeeze that task in, which is weird because I'm sure there was plenty of time to price compare over-the-knee boots or research the best way to brine a turkey.  I'd put off ordering until the message eventually changed to, "Replace H2O filter." It probably should have said something like, "You haven't even ordered it have you?  Prepare to enjoy the taste of contamination."  Because of my inaction, our filter was rendered useless and I was left to ponder whether or not the water tasted funny until the new one arrived.  This added unnecessary tension/guilt/mineral deposits to my life.  But no more.

The water filter will be on its way by end of day.  Mark my words.  Then I'll be able to get around to scheduling my annual physical exam if I can mange to find the reminder postcard they sent to me two months ago.

I'm wearing this today.

I found these new grey skinnies yesterday at Old Navy, of all places.  They have a new mid-rise fit in their Rockstar jean and it's perfect for those of us who prefer zippers slightly longer than an inch and a half, but not anywhere near Mom Jean length.  A nice stretchy skinny in a great color for a cheap price.  Score.

gratitude:  amazing fog, creative pumpkin carving, toasted English muffins (Rudi's Multigrain with Flax), staplers

thanks and love.

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