Monday, October 21, 2013

I Know Style Isn't An Interest For Everyone, But We Can't Ignore It Or Undervalue Its Importance. Just Like Breakfast.

I believe you can dress for success.  Well, maybe not success - it's not like your chosen outfit will land you the job or get you the promotion, but to the extent attitude comes into play; what you wear can make a big difference.  I've been experimenting with this theory in the little laboratory of my daily life.  I'm in the middle of a staging project that is bigger than any I've tackled so far.  I've been pretty nervous about it all and I attribute some of the success I'm having to what I've been wearing each day.  The things I've chosen to wear, I think, have given me some added confidence in my work and opened my mind to coming up with creative solutions.

Typically I lean a bit toward uniform dressing.  Skinny jeans, low boots, and a black turtleneck are my wintertime go to ensemble.  But I've made myself stay away from the black turtlenecks so far this season - I've layered more and mixed up prints.  I've pulled out super wide leg jeans and worn my faux leather pants with a t-shirt and Converse tennis shoes.  I'm even attempting the Pinterest-esque dress and low boot combo.  It's been fun.  And inspiring.

They do say, "All the world's a stage," right?  So try dressing the way you imagine the person you want to be would dress.  Like you're in a movie and you get to come up with the wardrobe choice for a particular character.  It's as if every day you're in charge of creating a character you'll love and admire and part of that involves costuming.  Of course, you also have to act like a person you would love and admire too, to get this to really work - but fashion is a good first step.  Give it a go.  How do you want that main character in the movie of your life to look?

I'm wearing this today:

If I were going for the full Pinterest-worthy look, I'd probably have bare legs.  But, I'm over 40, it's cold out, and I bruise like a summer peach.   Leggings are required.

And tonight for Meatless Monday we're going with breakfast burritos.  Scrambled eggs, black beans, potatoes, cheese, and salsa wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla.

gratitude:  toothpaste, neutrals, sunshine, crispy things

thanks and love.

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