Monday, October 28, 2013

Tonight Will Feature Pumpkins, Power Tools, And Pinot Noir. A Trifecta Of Halloween Fun.

Welcome to Monday!  I missed posting Friday as I was knee-deep in the final phases of our staging project, then afterward decided that a few glasses of wine and dinner out was required.  I also (re)learned that wine consumption is best done on a full stomach and if one throws back a glass on nothing more than the remains of the toast she ate at 7:00 that morning, regrets are possible.  Alas.

I'd hoped to have everything completed with the big project by today and this morning would be the kick-off to a recovery time of sorts.  But, as is the case in so much of life, the Universe likes to mock our silly planning efforts and we'll be heading back up to the flats today to tie up a few loose ends.  It's been quite an experience to exist with an all-consuming work activity.  Not much outside of staging has been accomplished in recent weeks.

For instance, Halloween kinda snuck up on me.  Unfortunately, that means I was among the pathetic group of people scrounging for carveable pumpkins this weekend.  Trust me, at this point in the season, those pumpkin bins outside the grocery store are not for the squeamish.  It's humiliating to have to dig through them in front of everyone only to end up with misshapen, stemless pumpkins that have several disappointingly soft spots.  Although, the moldy areas do make for easier carving, so there's that.

It's Meatless Monday and we'll either be enjoying egg salad sandwiches or a simple pesto pasta.  Sometimes if you let your family make the final decision, they are happier with the results.  I will do whatever it takes to make Meatless Mondays more palatable for my loved ones - literally and figuratively.

I'm wearing this.

I am, once again, a walking tribute to the power of Pinterest.

gratitude:  a gray day, leopard print, Vanity Fair magazine, black pens

thanks and love.

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