Friday, November 1, 2013

Since I Don't Know What To Do With Our Entryway Decor For The Thanksgiving Season, I'm Buying Some Time And Leaving Our Carved Pumpkins Out Until Trash Day On Monday. Nothing Says 'Welcome' Like The Scent Of Moldy Squash.

So yesterday, I was battling a bit of an unfortunate Halloween stomach bug.  Quite fitting really, because there are few things in real life much creepier than imagining how exactly I might have picked this nasty thing up.  We all know how these illnesses are passed along, so I don't need to get into the science of it here, but suffice it to say the unknown exchange of stomach contagion is the thing of nightmares.  

I really didn't eat anything yesterday so today I'm reintroducing food to the system and unfortunately, even though my intentions are to begin my nibbling with healthy and nutritious items, the only things that sound good to me are the remains of the Cheetos from JD's party last night and the five Baby Ruths I hid away before trick-or-treating started.  In the spirit of full disclosure, I already snuck one Cheeto, just to see how it would sit and, for the record, we're all good.  Let the healing commence.

And now that it's November, we'll be inundated with holiday advertising.  I just saw my first Christmas based TV ad this morning.  It was a Petco commercial introducing their new Martha Stewart collection of holiday pet toys.  I'm sure the dogs and cats on the receiving end of these new chew toys will appreciate the fine workmanship and tasteful detail.  Our dogs ate through a Diaper Genie, a table leg, and some refrigerator magnets.  Connoisseurs, indeed.

And finally, tomorrow is my sweet boy, J.D's, 14th birthday.  He is a truly wonderful person and I am entirely grateful to be his mom.  I love you with all my heart, J.D.!  Happy, happy birthday!

I'm wearing this today.

Black is very easy.  And, honestly, all I have clean.

gratitude:  a caring family, happy kids, birthday weekends, the time change

thanks and love.

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