Friday, October 11, 2013

I Would Pick Up A Pumpkin At The Grocery Store, But I'm Always Racing Through Like I'm On Some Kind Of Game Show Where They Time Your Shopping Trip. Pumpkin Selection Takes Time If You're Going To Do It Right.

It's been a bountiful harvest here at the High house.  I present you, our pumpkins...

This would be it.  Two pumpkins sized somewhere between large oranges and small cantaloupes.  I may use them as festive paperweights.  I'm a little behind this year on the seasonal decor.  I'm blaming it on a combo of a big staging project, countless youth sports and activities, and the powerful need to just sit and do nothing.  If I were one of those people who doesn't need downtime, this house would really be something this season.  But I'm not, and it isn't.

We have empty pots, burnt out lightbulbs, and real cobwebs in our courtyard.  It actually looks like we found some very realistic decorations for the season, pretty spooky really.  But I know it won't do.  We need real pumpkins (at the very least) and some grasses or greens for our pots, maybe even a strand or two of lights.  I'll get to that.  Soonish.

The other day though, I pulled up to the house and saw a pumpkin in one of the empty pots in our courtyard.  I thought a neighbor must have put it there as a festive and sweet token of autumnal goodwill.  It looked really pretty.  Then I drove up the driveway and got a closer look - it was a basketball.  I was a little let down, but I left it there thinking if I was fooled by it as I drove by, maybe other people passing our home will catch a quick glimpse and believe we actually have made an effort this season.

I'm wearing this today (that's me... on the left).

Long dusters are so fun to have in a wardrobe.  They look cool over jeans, dresses, leggings, you name it.  And if you look cool enough, your daughter will want to be photographed with you before school.  Bonus! (I was on my way to a hair appointment which explains the updo.)

gratitude:  extra time, lists, iPads, Malbecs

thanks and love.

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