Friday, September 13, 2013

While I Don't Believe Attitude Is Everything, I Feel It's The Most Important Thing. Like Pants. When You Think About It, Would You Rather See Someone Without A Shirt Or Without Pants? I Think Pants Are The Most Important. Or A Skirt, Depending On Your Mood.

When I first started out in advertising I worked in "The Pit."  There were about six girls who worked with me there and it was our responsibility to route all projects through the account, media, and creative departments.  It was a thankless job, but I made some of my very best friends there - I guess, hardship can be a very bonding experience.   We worked All. The. Time.  We had no windows in "The Pit" and there were many days when we came in before the sun came up and left way after darkness had fallen.  When we finally were able to see the light of day we squinted in the bright light like people who had emerged from a very dark cave.

We would find little ways though to lift our spirits during our excessively long days.  Once someone brought in a 'Baby Name' book.  The kind that tells you what your name means, its origin, etc.   We gathered round and looked up each of our names one by one.  The girls' names all had meanings like "Chosen One", "God's Gift", or "Beautiful Leader" - it was very inspiring.  When they finally got to me I looked forward to hearing a phrase that would bolster my energy in the same way the others seemed to be feeling.  When we found my name, which took a while because it was actually listed under male names (of course), a brief silence feel upon our little group.  The meaning of my name was... "To beat with a hammer."  We became hysterical.  Sure, providing some comic relief felt good, but I deeply wished my moniker had more had more too it than a murderous response to bad carpentry.

I was in the grocery store a few weeks later and saw one of those little pocket-sized name books on the magazine rack by the gum and Tic-Tacs at the checkout lane.  I had a bit of a wait ahead of me so I grabbed the booklet and flipped to the M's (in the Boys' Name section, naturally).  When I read the definition this time - I immediately regretted my quest for a second opinion.  Per this delightful little tome, my name meant "Unlucky" or if you prefer, "Luckless".  "Well, there you have it", I thought, "I'm doomed."  But a few days later,  Shakespeare saved me.  His "What's in a name?" line popped into my head and pulled me out of one of those funks only people who have been told they are cursed can truly experience.

At that moment I decided to turn the tables on my unfortunate identifier.  I determined that because my name meant "unlucky" I would actually be immune to things normally associated with bad luck (two negatives make a positive, right?).  So black cats, Friday the 13th, and the like were not things I should fear.  Then I upped the ante.  Wanting more than just immunity, I concluded that these superstitiously harmful events were, in fact, auspicious occasions for me.  I could expect bonus luck.  I had no written proof this would be the case, but I believed it to be true - it was the new reality.  And even though I have yet to receive large piles of money or treasures of any sort bestowed upon me on these days, it feels good to at the very least, experience them with a sense of positive expectation instead of dread.

It's an important lesson about mindset.  Why not set our consciousness to a frequency of joy and gratitude rather than melancholy and lack?  I use this technique every day - some days are more challenging than others, but I believe that how we think affects our experiences.  Our thinking helps shape our responses to life and if we are in a positive state of mind, we'll respond to things from our best selves and the outcomes we experience will be improved.  I have a screen saver on my computer that reminds me of this every day - we have to choose this approach.  Take this quote with you today and believe this Friday the 13th will be a good one.

"All that we are is the result of what we have thought. 
 The mind is everything.  What we think, we become."
- Buddha

Your Friend,

Unlucky (a.k.a To beat with a hammer)

I'm wearing this today.

Considering the rain we've had in Colorado this week, I may consider adding flippers and a snorkel.

gratitude:  Eliza embracing a quote I gave her,  the weird accent JD has been using, Geoff's return, fantasy football

thanks and love.

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