Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Technology Is Amazing, But It Still Bothers Me To See How Bad My Signature Looks On All Those Pads We Use At Checkout.

It must be a generational or a techy vs. non-techy thing (and I'm clearly in the non-techy group), but I don't understand the rush of excitement people get over a new operating system for their iPhone.  Thanks to the children, I am the proud owner of an iPhone and an iPad full of iOS7 goodness and to be honest, I miss the good ol' days.

I think when they downloaded the new system,  the sound and vibration alerts were turned on for every feature imaginable.  I haven't slept well lately because if my phone is nearby it makes so many noises during the night it's like sharing a room with a chatty R2D2.  I've even muted the phone, but for some reason the weird dings and beeps keep coming.  I'm trying to turn off all the alerts, but it has do be done one-by-one and at this rate, things should be back to normal by Christmas.

And the sounds are different too.  I spent 45 minutes the other day trying to find just the right tone for my calls and texts.  How am I supposed to remember what Presto, Radiate and Sencha sound like?  There's barely any difference.  I could program the old sounds back in (they're listed under a pathetic sounding subgroup called 'Classic'), but it seems like a waste now that I have all these new noises to choose from.  The way it is now, if I get a text, a call, and an email at roughly the same time my phone sounds like the soundtrack to 'Chariots of Fire'.  It's really something.

Apparently, the photo features are vastly improved as well, but all that progress is lost on me.  I've actually learned to send a picture in a text which makes me feel pretty savvy, but it stops there.  Last night though, Eliza and her friends were asking me what filters looked best on some photos they took after the girls had all found dates to Homecoming.  I felt like I was taking an eye exam:  "Which is clearer, one or two?".  "Two, maybe?"  In less than three minutes the girls had layered various filters over the photos for the greatest effect, wrote snappy captions for each including no fewer than six hashtags, and posted them to every social media resource available.  It takes me longer to find my phone in my purse.

It's important, I think, to at least try to stay current.  So to that, check out today's outfit photo.

I'm wearing this.

Please note my clever usage of the filter called Instant.  Enjoy.

gratitude:  flexibility, new ideas, an busy but messy house, Colorado weather

thanks and love.

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