Friday, September 6, 2013

Because The "Low Battery" Warning On Our Phones Makes All Of Us A Little Freaked Out, Doesn't It?

I don't know about all of you, but with two adults, two teens, and a slight family addiction to Apple products, the need to charge electronics has become an issue in our house.  While it seems to me there isn't a drawer or desktop in our home that doesn't have a ball of white cords residing in it or on it, those cords never seem to be the ones we need at the time.  I'm not even sure what some of them do - I see Kindle cords, camera cords, even headphones that look like wads of angel hair pasta, but there are plenty more lengths of white coated wire that seemingly have no purpose at all.  We are a family with an insatiable appetite for charging cords and the ever-important outlet adapters, but we don't seem to have enough to go around.   Whether the cords have broken, been left at someone's house, lost on a trip, or destroyed in the dryer - we have a constant shortage.  And our family has developed a very ugly scarcity mentality as a result.

It feels like a game of musical chairs - there just isn't enough for everyone.  Some of us have taken to hiding our charging equipment, becoming power cord hoarders and secretly charging in out of the way locations in the house.  Others are more ruthless in their quest for power and will unplug a family member's phone or pad mid-charge and steal the cord for themselves.  Some have started marking their territory and adding a piece of tape or a dab of nail polish to a cord and adapter to make it clear who the rightful owner is.  Of course, those identifiers are easily removed (obviously) and the cord eventually makes its way back into the rotation just like a stolen car.  It's not pretty and it's making everyone at the High house more than a little suspicious of each other.

Part of me thinks we should just buy however many cords and adapters we need to make sure everyone in the family has their own, then demand they be cared for properly as a lesson in responsibility.  But then I think maybe this 'every man for himself'' approach is teaching the kids survival skills.  I'm not sure which is the best option, but I'm grateful to have a little time alone at home today because apparently my secret drawer has been discovered.

I'm wearing this today.
I'm attempting a boyfriend jean without the rolled leg.  It's edge-of-your-seat excitement some days, isn't it?

gratitude:  Fridays, blue pens, big paper clips, Yogi brand kava tea

thanks and love.

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