Monday, September 23, 2013

The Weather Says Fall, But My Couch Pillows Are Still Talking Summer. Feels Like Wearing Shorts With A Turtleneck. It's Not Right.

At last, it's Fall.  What a great time of year!  And not just because we can comfortably invest in a few cute sweaters and some fabulous boots - or that we can expect opportunities to eat pumpkin pie for  breakfast.  It's also a good time to lay some groundwork for the future and to celebrate where we are in life.

Like trees that allow their dead leaves to release so new ones can emerge come Springtime, we can do this for ourselves this time of year.  Use this time to let go of behaviors and habits, even ways of thinking or negative experiences, that aren't making you feel as good as you would like to feel.  Take the time to identify them, then consciously let them go.  Nature releases what it no longer needs in the Fall -  and we can benefit from doing the same ourselves.

Also, think about what you'd like to see develop in the future.  Get some new ideas going and start dreaming.  Take a class, talk to someone who knows something about what you're interested in, or read things about what's making you curious.  Seeds are scattered each Fall as the winds blow and land where they'll bloom next Spring.  This works for ideas and life plans too.

And finally, celebrate!  Fall is the season of the harvest and a perfect time to be grateful for what we've done over the year.  Big or small there are accomplishments worthy of recognition.  Whether we chose to do it or not, we've learned and grown over the year - we've experienced life and been made richer for it.  So look around and celebrate where you are right now.

And, of course, don't forget this is a perfect time to switch to red wines from white, if you're so inclined.

I'm wearing this.

This shirt makes me feel like Fall leaves and Rhoda Morgenstern all at the same time.   A perfect combo.

It's Meatless Monday again.  The farro I prepared last week was not well-received by the children.  I tried to wow them with the fact that it's a superfood and an ancient grain, but they were unimpressed.  I don't get it.  So tonight, Geoff and JD will be at the Bronco game - I'm sure they'll uphold the Meatless Monday practice while there and forgo a hotdog or burger (right, boys??).  Eliza and I will dine upon tomato soup and grilled cheese taking the game in from the couch.

gratitude:  no need to run the air conditioning at night, sitting with Geoff while watching JD play lacrosse at DU, buying Eliza's new phone, getting up a little earlier

thanks and love.

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