Monday, September 30, 2013

A Celebration Of Potential Greatness, Hope For The Future, And A Lesson In Valuable Laundry Enhancements. This Blog Is Really Bringing It Today.

For years I used to joke that the hardest thing you could face in life had to be folding a fitted sheet.  I thought it was a funny and ironic statement - you know, making light of hard things and narrowing the focus to a minute homekeeping task.  To be fair, folding a fitted sheet can be really, really hard.  And it's nearly unavoidable.  So the challenge and its inevitability made the statement worthwhile to me.

Then I found myself a couple years ago feeling challenged by life.  I was flopped on the couch mindlessly flipping through the channels on the TV when I stopped, for whatever reason, on the Martha Stewart Show.  This is where it gets really weird.  Not a second after the screen settled on a shot of her logo I heard, "Next up, Martha shows the studio audience how to fold a fitted sheet."  It felt like the Universe was telling me, "You can do this.  The hard things are solvable, see?  You just need to believe."

And sure enough, after the commercial break, Martha returned and unraveled a mystery of the universe.    By folding that fitted sheet, she proved that anything is possible.  That even the hardest things can be overcome.  We just need to take the time to do it right and follow simple steps.  Don't overcomplicate; don't try to shortcut.  Just start.

So to remind you all that there is a way through everything - and to make your linen closets look fabulous - I present you with Martha Stewart's fitted sheet folding lesson.  Enjoy and know that you can, indeed, do anything.

I'm wearing this today.

Hot Fall days call for summer tops paired with fall footwear.  It's really the only way.

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thanks and love.

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