Monday, September 2, 2013

To Kick Off September, I'm Clinging To Tradition And Painting My Toes A Dark Shade. Since I Don't Have A Summer Home To Close Up Until Next Year, Nail Polish Is My Seasonal Marker.

Eliza just asked me if I could Google the equation of a circle.  I didn't remember there was an equation to a circle.  When I found it, I couldn't read it out loud because I didn't recall how to word things in parenthesis and there were exponents involved.  It was humbling.

It has been a while since I've been able to help the kids with math homework.  I've used the internet as much as I can, but now we seem to be getting into the kind of math that has a language all its own.  Even as a word person, it's a vernacular I will never understand.  I checked out of math when they introduced imaginary numbers.  Which was early on in the game, I realize, but it just seemed like cheating to me.  I mean, I was being told to trust an equation - to just have faith in the math - then the math people pulled a fast one ad told me 'i' was going to be an imaginary number.  It made me mad.

So now I'm left to Google the exact phrase the kids are looking for, then I have to bring my laptop to them so they can look at the mess of numbers and symbols on the screen because I don't know how to translate the equations into words.  And while they nod their heads knowingly after glancing at the screen, I'm left to wallow in my own lack of knowing and hope that sooner than later they'll need me to proof a paper they've written and I will be redeemed.  Sort of.

I'm wearing this.

I'm never sure if an orange shirt worn in Fall has an autumnal feel or a 'Go Broncos' vibe.  I'm hoping the former today.

And it's Meatless Monday, but since it's also Labor Day we may do a bar-b-qued chicken tonight and save the meatless for tomorrow by turning the day into a Totally Without Meat Tuesday.  Either way the animals will have their day.

gratitude:  reading, Bear Creek Lake Park, light rail, understanding

thanks and love.

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