Monday, June 17, 2013

When We Sang 'Hey Jude' I Think I Understood How The Von Trapps Must Have Felt Singing 'Do Re Mi'. We Were That Good.

We had a really lovely weekend.  I won't deny I could have used a little more family foursome time, but overall it was wonderful.  Lots of golf for the boys, some girl bonding over errands (bonus activity: driving practice) and great extended family time.  On Saturday, we had a Father's Day Eve celebration.    We watched some golf, sat on the patio, and many hours and few Beergaritas later, ended our night with three generations of the family singing songs by The Beatles and Van Morrison.  It was cool.  I hope the texts, snapchats, and vines the kids appeared to be sending to friends didn't distract them from realizing how nice it is to be able to have times like that with your whole family.  I also hope the neighbors are fans of 1970's rock and Motown hits.

The Beergarita was a fun addition to our Father's Day celebration and based upon how well they were received, they could become a regular in our patio cocktail offerings.  We were skeptical at first because it seemed like a lot of tequila, but boy oh boy were we wrong.  They are delish.  And so easy to make!  Here's the recipe:

Pour a container of limeade concentrate into a pitcher.  Fill the limeade container with tequila and add that.  Pour in a Corona beer, add some ice and stir.  Run a lime around the edge of your glasses, dip in salt and fill with the Beergarita.  Oh my.

We're back at it this Monday and if I make it out of my yoga pants I'll be wearing this.  The odds, however, of having a 'non-yoga pant day' today are slim at best.

I love fashion and I think it's important to put some effort and thought into what we wear.  But occasionally, yoga pants and a cute t-shirt simply make the most sense.  We just can't make wearing them a habit.  No matter how easy it would be.  We just shouldn't.  

And today I welcome a Meatless Monday since one can only ingest so many brats in one weekend.  Right?  Tonight's offering will be grilled veggies served over a bed of Whole Foods' Super Greens and dressed with a light (but creamy) Dijon vinegarette.  A baguette on the side of course, because Mama needs her carbs.

gratitude:  big rain, baby birds, walks, family time

thanks and love.

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