Friday, June 14, 2013

Go Ahead And Sniff The Couch Pillows. Febreeze Is A Game Changer. I Still Don't Recommend You Put Your Face On Them Though.

Since I have a new and slightly larger than normal (read: intimidating) writing project coming due soon, I am currently sitting in one of the world's cleanest homes.  It's funny how it becomes very important to me to thoroughly disinfect, polish and deodorize every nook and cranny in my house before I can sit down and start writing.  So while I'm wishing I had written more words, I can't help but feel good about my gleaming floors.  It had been so long since I mopped, I halfway expected to see a Vaudeville soft shoe act being performed in my kitchen when I came down for a cup of coffee each morning.

While it's a fabulous avoidance strategy, I don't really like cleaning my house.  I know you can pay companies to come clean it for you, but I'm always disappointed in my return on investment with them.  I pay nothing to clean my home and I get what I pay for.  Housecleaning just takes so long to do and as soon as I finish something, it seems like someone in the family comes in with goose poop caked cleats or decides they have to eat popcorn on the couch.  I have taken to making threats like this one I posted on the door from the garage.

It was effective, but I was afraid I'd get a call from Social Services once Eliza posted it on Facebook.

So we're off today to pick up JD from a week of lacrosse camp at the Air Force Academy.  I'm proud of myself for not driving the hour or so down there to spy on him.  I'm wearing this:

I'm not sure how I feel about capris anymore.  They just seem to be EVERYWHERE.  And I feel like they aren't a really flattering style for everyone.  I like them a little longer - hitting more high ankle than mid-calf.  These are not that length however, so I'm filling the space with my over-used gladiators.

While you're sitting outside grilling some brats or burgers for Dad this weekend, try some of the Porch Pounder wines that Kim of Bohemian Hippie Mom suggested.  I love her Wednesday posts because they're all about wine (and I loves me some wine).  I especially like that she doesn't just consider the taste of the wines, but also the quality of writing the vineyards use on their bottles and websites.  I don't know what a tannin is really, but I do know the power of a good adverb/adjective combo.

So Happy Father's Day.  Listen to music and find some sun.  Celebrate Dad.

gratitude:  the smell of Eliza's Happy perfume, bagels, JD's return, dogwoods

thanks and love.

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