Friday, June 7, 2013

Nature Is Beautiful, But Sometimes Birds Poop On Your Windows. I Think I Just Experienced The Blog Version Of This Phenomenon.

This week, my blog had its first 'hater'.  Well, maybe it was the first one to post publicly.  It was a weird feeling to read a mean comment about my little offering from someone I've never even met.  When my phone notified me that there was action on my blog, I was driving home from a staging job in Nebraska deep Aurora.  I got so excited because I love to know someone is reading and hopefully enjoying Positively Minutiae a bit too.  But when I read the comment, I was stunned.  I can't imagine saying something rude to someone I don't even know.  The hater even finished by telling me to 'get a job'.  The irony of being stuck in traffic on C-470 as I returned from my job was not lost on me.

Of course, my first instinct was to passive/aggressively respond to her with a short, but well-worded quip.  But, thanks to my incredibly bad technological skills, I couldn't manage to get a response sent from my iphone.  I consider this some kind of divine cyber-intervention.  By the time I made it home, I was rushing kids to camps, friends houses and preparing to for a wine and cheese gathering on our patio with a couple other lacrosse moms.  I never was able to take the time to react.

This morning I managed to figure out how the comment feature on my blog really sort of works.  JD and I had a lot of fun coming up with some responses to 'hater girl'.  But I had a proud moment when JD finally suggested we just delete her, instead of playing her little hate game.  I liked the sound of that.  So with the click of a button, she was gone.

I know this blog isn't for everyone, but my wish is that it will make at least some people happy.  I truly appreciate all of you who read it.  Some posts will be better than others, but I hope I don't make you want to 'sip on the Haterade' (JD's line) very often.

I'm wearing this today:

I dig navy and brown.  And a statement pendant.  And a cute bag.

gratitude:  Kava Stress Relief tea, laughter, fresh air, the sound of lawn mowers (in the distance)

thanks and love.

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