Friday, May 23, 2014

We're Headed To A Lacrosse Tournament This Weekend And I Have A Terrible Case Of Laryngitis. I Hope The Players Will Be Able To Function Without The Insightful Tips I Provide From The Sidelines. I'm Always Amazed That Having Never Played Lacrosse Before I Seem To Know Exactly What They Need To Be Doing On The Field.

We have these two doves hanging around our house lately.  As I understand it, they partner for life and I've seen real proof that they are truly committed to each other.  The other day one of them ran into a window on our house.  The bird was instantly knocked unconscious and fell hard into the garden.  The other dove landed next to the bad flier and tried to get it up again, nudging it with its beak, but to no avail.  Eliza peeked out the window to see what happened and must have startled the bird because it picked up its unconscious friend with its claws and flew to the base of a nearby tree for some privacy.  We checked back later and both of them were gone.  I've since seen the two feeding in our yard again and I'm sure the unconscious bird has no idea what happened.  The other bird appears relieved that its partner survived the accident, but I've also seen it just watching its friend with a faraway look in its eyes.  Eventually it just shakes its head and starts back pecking the ground for food.  I guess it's all part of being bonded for life.

On that note, I'd like to wish my darling Geoffrey a very Happy Anniversary this weekend.  If you ever flew into a window I'd whisk you away to recover under a tree and I can only hope you'd do the same for me.  I love you!

I'm wearing this.

I was looking for something that would transition seamlessly from a three-hour car ride to an FAC with a few team parents.  Boyfriend jeans and gladiator sandals seem to fill the bill.  Whenever do they not?

gratitude:  green landscapes, new cars, serendipity, long weekends

thanks and love.

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