Friday, May 16, 2014

It Was Time For A New Pair Of Glasses. I've Been Using A Really Old Pair For Years And They Are So Scratched That I Can't Look Through Them Straight On. I Have To Turn My Head And Look Out The Side Of The Lens Since That's The Only Part That's Still Clear. It's Very Hard To Drive That Way And If You're Watching A Movie, The Person Next To You Always Thinks You're About To Say Something To Them.

So I went to the eye doctor yesterday.  That whole thing is just a weird experience.  I always somehow flash back to watching Little House on the Prairie when Mary started losing her sight, so I'm typically on edge, worried they may come back and tell me that due to my recent bout with Scarlet Fever my sight is ruined forever.  Except I never had Scarlet Fever, that was Mary,  I'm just old and would like to watch 30 Rock reruns on TV without squinting.

The doctor gave me a quick starter exam to see if I could pass a driver's test without glasses.  I cannot.  In fact, he asked if I had someone who could drive me around until I could see better (I couldn't tell if he was kidding).  I said no, and that I drive all day every day with very little problem because I drive mostly to all the same places and I have almost everything memorized so I don't really need to see that well at all.  Also that I have been living with bad and uncorrected vision so long now that I think my other senses have become heightened as a result.  He was not comforted by my answer.

My son has been playing lacrosse for almost four years and I have yet to actually see a lacrosse ball during a game, but I'm perfectly almost able to figure out what is happening on the field by watching what the players are doing.  When players clump together there is probably a ball on the ground they all want.  When the net in the goal moves that is usually a goal and I cheer.  Not seeing very well has actually made me more alert.  I hope I don't get soft when my new glasses come in.

I did, in fact, get some new glasses.  The doctor actually told his assistant to not let me leave without picking out a pair - based on my eye test results he was probably legally bound to do so.  Now I'm a little anxious for my new spectacles to arrive.  I've kind of enjoyed not seeing things too closely, like when I'd catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror - I do feel sometimes ignorance is bliss, especially when it comes to an awareness of my own facial aging.

However, I'm very much looking forward to reaffirming that trees do, in fact, have many separate leaves hanging from their branches and, enjoying the ability to read the names of upcoming streets so I no longer have to count the number of exits to find my way home off C-470.

I'm wearing this.

This look feels a little south of the border, so a margarita may be in order this evening.  We have an over-abundance of tequila after Cinco de Mayo and I'm looking for ways to put it to good use.

gratitude:  Fridays, time with Geoff and the kids, patio sitting, Pandora

thanks and love.

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