Monday, May 12, 2014

My Second Stitch Fix Delivery Was 100% What I Needed. They Were So On The Mark That It Wouldn't Have Shocked Me A Bit If They Also Went Ahead And Made Me An Appointment For Highlights And Provided A Few Numbers For Housecleaners In The Area.

So the delivery came on Friday.  I had just returned from completing the drop-off leg of our lacrosse carpool which, if you've ever driven 14-year-old boys home after a sporting event, is a far more appealing task than the take-home shift.  It was perfect.  I was settling in for the evening, and it was officially happy hour, so I cheerfully availed myself a cocktail before I opened my wonderful Stitch Fix box.  This is what came.

First, the Pamplona blouse.
I love this blue.  And the scallops on the bottom remind me of ocean waves which, as a landlocked beach lover, pleases me a great deal.  This is what I'm wearing today:

I've paired it with some boyfriend jeans, a short sleeve cardigan and booties today since it's snowing even though it's May 12.   I'm shaking my fist at you Winter!

Now we have the Aiya blouse.
This is totally in my comfort zone.  I have about 7,368 white or off-white blouses, tops and t-shirts and there is still room for more, in my opinion.  This one feels very boho because of the cut and the eyelet detail.  Me likey.

And the Tara blouse.
I loves me an ethnic print and I am loving this color too.  It's a perfect pinky-coral.  It will look even better once I get some sun (or some self tanner) on my bod.  My daughter even asked if she could borrow this top, so I feel pretty cool.

Also the Isaac floral print blouse.
Now floral prints have been all the rage for a couple years now and I've really wanted one, but I've been unhappy with the colors or prints I've found.  They seem kind of garish, in my opinion, or a little too hipster calico.  Not this little top.  The color in it is amazing and the print is an edgy sort of traditional - kind of like Pippa Middleton.  I deem thee my Pippa top.  Cheerio!

And finally, the boyfriend jeans as seen in our first image.  Remember?
The lovely Stitch Fix stylist who put my box of joy together went to my Pinterest page and cleverly noticed I'd pinned a lot of looks with boyfriend jeans, so she threw a pair in the box.  It was like she'd read my mind or something.  I have a pair of boyfriend jeans that I wear all the time, but I've never felt all that happy with them.  The fit has always seemed weird and the finish was sort of blah.  Now I have new pair that fits great and has just the right amount of vintage fading.  Thank you Allison!

So there's that.  Round two of Stitch Fix and I kept everything in the box.  Well played, Stitch Fix.  Can't wait for June!

gratitude:  pretty new tops, the Pilates Summer Series, rest, brown rice

thanks and love.

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