Friday, December 28, 2012


The kids have both gone skiing with friends for the day.  Each with associated sleepovers.  I must say, I think at this point a little break is good for everyone.  Of course, yesterday when these plans began to develop, I wasn't such a gracious parent with a peaceful mind-set.  I was a shrew.

While the day after Christmas is blissfully quiet and relaxing compared to the holiday pace of previous days, the day after the day after Christmas,  was not (for me) a real delight.  I truly felt like Cinderella at the strike of twelve.  My chariot was a pumpkin and my footmen were only mice.

Laundry hadn't been done for days and alpine peaks of darks, lights, colors and hot whites filled my upstairs hallway like a really soft mountain range.

The hand washing from Christmas dinner still waited on the kitchen counter.

The taste of turkey and brisket was no longer mouthwatering.

I hadn't quite mustered the energy to bring the bins up from the basement and begin the holiday deconstruction process.

I was wearing pajama pants and a coffee-stained t-shirt until 3:00 p.m.  With unmatched socks.

I might have been a tad crabby.

When the ski trips were spontaneously suggested, I wasn't immediately ready to say yes.  I, admittedly, was a little mopey about the prospect.  I wanted more time together, but why should they pass up an opportunity to play in the mountains for a day or two during break?  So, after some light begging from the children, I relented and they were off.  Of course, only after a rushed load of darks for JD and a trip to Breeze for Eliza.

I know the kids are having fun and that makes me happy.  I still crave more time together, but I do feel that after a little time away the kiddos are a tad more eager to prioritize family time.  The wing-spreading of older children is a poignant part of life.  
That is why being present to this very moment is so so so important.  Life offers some really helpful reminders, doesn't it?

And now Geoff and I can enjoy a day together as well.  We're going to lunch (where we may avail ourselves a cocktail) and I'm wearing this:

It's a little riff on something I saw in a display at Loft.  Sometimes it's best to not try to reinvent the wheel.

I'm also going to use this quiet time to work on plans for 2013.  I've been really into the insight on goal setting that Danielle LaPorte offers.  She talks about thinking about how you want to feel in life rather than what you want to do.  The reason you set goals to achieve is because you want to feel a certain way after achieving them.  The feeling is the most important part.  Very interesting idea.  You may want to check it out.

gratitude:  perspective, large capacity washer/dryers, dates with Geoff, cell phones

thanks and love.

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