Friday, December 14, 2012

Fa-la-la-la Leopard.

I ventured to the mall yesterday. I try to limit my holiday mall shopping to one maybe two trips a season.  I'm a huge fan of online commerce.  I love turning on my Christmas music, sipping a glass of wine and filling my cart with online treasures.  But some shopping must be done in person and yesterday was my day to tackle that task.  I wore this:

I love a leopard print.  Some people say it's on its way out, but I disagree!  This topper is one of my favorites. It looks like something Mrs. Hannigan would wear in a high school production of Annie.  Light coats like this add so much to a wardrobe because you can layer them over the simplest of basics and really give an outfit some pop.  Look for something with great color or pattern - maybe details like ruffles or buckles. Then throw it over all black, all white, a combo or just jeans a t-shirt - the simpler the base layer the better.  And, if you need a costume for Annie, call me.

Speaking of shopping at the mall...when did I get so old?  Has anyone else had this experience?  I went to the store that greets you with black and white photos of college freshmen canoodling - the one you can smell 100 feet away.  I was approached by an employee who, at first glance, appeared to be walking on his hands because his jeans were so short and skinny they looked like sleeves.  He mentioned something about a sale that required advanced math but the music was so loud I couldn't really hear him - I just smiled and nodded.  I needed sweatpants.

The store was dark, so I blindly felt my way along a wall searching for something that felt like sweats.  When I touched on a familiar texture, I had to get out my iphone to light the area I was in to get a better look.  The pants looked right, but they didn't have the size I needed.  I could find it online, I was told.  "Of course I can," I thought to myself and stumbled back out into the mall gasping for air and rubbing my eyes as they began adjust to the light.

Seriously.  How could anyone work in an atmosphere like that?  I clearly don't have what it takes to shop in those conditions.  It has passed me by.  I need more light and less sound.  No matter how cute or stylish I feel when I head out to shop, I may just be an old woman in a crazy, leopard coat.

Gratitude:  beautiful sunrises, leftovers, online shopping

thanks and love.

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