Monday, December 10, 2012

Ah, Monday.

Mondays get a bad rap.  I kinda like the fresh start aspect of the day.  If you struggle with Mondays, try changing your approach.  Set some reasonable goals for yourself and make an effort to accomplish them.  No need to shoot too high today, good gravy we're just coming off a weekend.  And I've heard Tuesday is the most productive day of the week anyway, so what's Monday got to prove?  I think if we feel like we did what we set out to do on Monday, then the rest of the week stands a better chance of following suit.

Because my life is so glamourous, if everyone has clean underwear to wear tomorrow, I will have accomplished one of my goals for Monday.  Fingers crossed.

On a different note, we had another jam-packed weekend in the West!  Friday Geoff and I attended a very fun holiday party where I laughed so hard my face hurt.  I wore this.

That is indeed a simple gray t-shirt jazzed up with layered statement necklaces (Stella & Dot's Estate Bib atop the Lillith Fringe).  I liked this look and it proves a gray t-shirt can be made festive, I think.  I also think people shouldn't fear statement necklaces.  I'm not a big person and I had two on - I felt sorta happening. 

On Saturday Uncle Jon and the kids went skating.  It was freezing cold.  Geoff and I ate dinner nearby, enjoyed a couple glasses of wine in a cozy restaurant then quickly zipped by the rink to snap this shot.   Needless to say, the skating wrapped up quickly and we had everyone over for an impromptu sleepover.  The least you can do for someone who has braved freezing temps and a public skating rink is offer them a night on your couch and a breakfast of frozen waffles, right?

We capped of our weekend with our 2nd Annual Cooking Baking Day.  It was a great time and reminded me how important it is to create some traditions around the holidays.  I feel because this was the 2nd annual event for us, it is officially a tradition.  However, I'm not sure we'll be bringing back the "cookie dare" next year.  Participants weren't feeling their best today.

Gratitude:  heating pads on my feet, snow, kitchen islands, jigsaw puzzles

It's Meatless Monday!  We'll be enjoying Ina Garten's Provencal Tomatoes and some pasta.  Maybe some rosemary white beans for a little added protein, if I'm feeling aggressive.

thanks and love.

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