Thursday, December 20, 2012

Is It Christmas Yet?

Wow.  Impressive start to a blog, huh?  After nearly a week, I'm giving it another go.  It just seemed so icky talking about the silliness in my life after everything that occurred on Friday.  I've decided to just push forward for the sole purpose of not wallowing in all that darkness.  I think we all need to bring more light to the world. There is so much bad energy right now - every bit of love, humor, compassion, positivity, etc.  will help the cause of peace.  And so...

We have a tradition of making gingerbread houses during the holidays.  In years past, we did a boys vs.  girls competition.   This year it was every man for himself.  Looking back I see the overall appearance of these houses as a foreshadowing to how our recent week has progressed.  I present you our homes.

Indeed, there are two houses that look pretty good.  But then, you notice one house has only half a roof done.  The builder of that home ended up with a four-day stomach flu that commenced during roof application.  The pretzel house (or Jamestown/little pig house of sticks) is only half done - the builder of that home walked away after the roof collapsed three times.  Mood, not good.  Anyway, we leave them up as a tribute to our efforts.  Geoff and I can't decide who won this year.  Frankly, no one really wants it.  It would be a hollow victory.

As indicated by the gingerbread houses, things weren't going to go as smoothly as we had planned this week.

The lights we so smartly hung on our back fence just a day after Thanksgiving have gone out.  A thorough investigation has taken place - there is no obvious cause.

The freak wind storm we enjoyed prior to the snow has blown away one of the big, silver balls that served as a centerpiece in one of the two urns outside the door to our back yard.  We went from chic to shabby instantly.  Worse yet, I have left the remaining ball in place - why?

The lights at the top of our Christmas tree are out.

Both Geoff and I asked each other the other day "What is that in the shower?"  Clearly it's time for a thorough cleaning.

Stomach flu.  It's a miserable experience.  At one point I was disinfecting the door to the bathroom ('nuff said).  But, parenting teens means we don't always get to be super-nurturing, so it's kind of nice to be able to care for one of your babies that way again.

Fashion (normally a refuge for me) has been an issue as well.  Let me explain.

The kids need something for the holiday that's a tad more formal than leggings or shorts.  I found a super cute combo for Eliza - a sequined French stripe shirt paired with a pleated organza skirt.  Darling, I thought.  Sort of a festive French Resistance look.  It was not well-received.

We headed out late yesterday to scramble to find something she liked.  At 14, short and tight are key words in fashion.  I want to accommodate those style needs as I have learned myself, the day comes when short and tight is to be avoided at all costs.  We needed something that met her needs for skimpy and my needs for family photo appropriate.  We ended up in one of those shops that must have a large clientele of drag queens or something.  Who needs a size 14 pair of leopard print platform pumps?  Anyway, we found a dress that literally cost less than a pair of underwear - "Is it supposed to be disposable?", I thought to myself.  I am going to assume so.  We'll jazz it up with some Stella & Dot - a true test to the power of a good accessory.

As an aside, I have found those Naughty Ned photos soooo funny this year.  Here are a couple of my favorites.

The last one really captures a bit of our holiday this year.  I have an ever-growing itunes collection of holiday hits - ranging all the way from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the London Philharmonic to Jimmy Buffet and Cee Lo Green.  This year JD added the lovely 'D**k in a Box' from Saturday Night Live.  Warms the heart.

Here is our elf.

I didn't know the red elf was Ned.  I placed him by the liquor in our butler's pantry (we have no butler - of course) and now I'm concerned I should have marked the level in the bottles.  He does look suspicious, doesn't he?

Nonetheless, I love the holidays.  I always feel as we near the big event like I'm trying to land a plane that's coming in too fast.  I'm too hot!  It's not going to work!  Pull up the nose!  Foam the runway!!  But somehow it always works out.  We just pour more wine, dim the lights, light some candles and hope no one wants to use our shower.  It's just so nice to be together, to laugh, to create memories and to be grateful.

gratitude:  the snow on the ground/blue sky combo, family dinners, wrapping paper with lines on it

thanks and love

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