Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Gratitude, Mostly.

I've read in several books about the importance of gratitude and I've tried for years to be as present as possible to all the goodness in my life - I think having kids really makes you aware of the passing of time and the need to be in the moment NOW.  Even in the midst of parenting teens I feel deep in my bones such gratitude for being blessed with Eliza and J.D.  I know other parents can relate.  And I know the gifts don't end there.  My heart is filled with love not only for my kids, but for Geoff as well.  And for our health, our families, our friends, our home, and on and on and on.

So, when I read that writing down three or four things you are grateful for each day would increase your sense of abundance and joy and very possibly your actual abundance and joy, well, I was in.  Who couldn't use a little more abundance and joy?   However, as I'd begin to list my three, Eliza, J.D. and Geoff were all I ever had room to include - I certainly couldn't not include them, right?  It felt good that they had their place of honor, but somehow that list just didn't really capture that day in particular.  Where to put the rest of the people who touched my life?  What about something small that still made me feel good?

That's when I came to an Understanding.  Eliza, J.D. and Geoff would always have the top spots - their positions were guaranteed.  As were the concentric circles of love and gratitude for my parents, brother, friends, in-laws, etc.  My pets too.  Now, when I record my three or four gratitude subjects, I feel free to look at each day in particular knowing that, even if they aren't listed formally, the thankfulness and complete love for my family, etc. is a given.

Doing this has helped me see things in more detail.  And it's kinda fun.  Give it a go - I think it's a good way to think about the day.  It couldn't hurt, right?

Gratitude:  new, old friends, iphones, holiday scents (aka; my pot of Goodness)

Two more things.

I had lunch today with a wonderful new, old friend.  Carla.  She and I grew up in the same neighborhood, but reconnected only last January through Stella & Dot.  It's been so fun to come together as an adult with someone you last saw in your teens.  She is truly a lovely person and I'm lucky to know her.  I wore this:

The look is kind of like if Mr. Rogers and Rhoda Morgenstern had a love child.  I love a dress over jeans.  Try it sometime.  It really increases your wardrobe options.  If you can wear something as a dress and as a top - you'll enjoy more bang for your fashion buck.  Plus, you can do a skinny jean without fear because the dress hangs longer than a normal top - no one can see your bum.  Bonus.

Regarding the holiday scents I am ever so grateful for - give this a go.  Put the peel of of a whole orange (I use a couple clementines because my children eat about 234,345,345 of them a day), the peel of half a lemon, some cinnamon sticks and about a tablespoon of whole cloves in a saucepan.  Fill it with some water and put it over a low heat on your stove.  Instant coziness and holiday aromatherapy.  Enjoy!

thanks and love.


  1. Great post and practicing gratitude is a wonderful way to stay present and be mindful of all the bounty of life. I think it's working for you! Fun outfit too.
    x Laura

  2. Thanks, Laura. I really appreciate you reading. Your blog was part of my inspiration to give this a shot:)