Monday, February 17, 2014

I Have Many Pictures In This Post, But I've Purposely Omitted My Look Today. I'm Still Wearing Pajamas Under My Pants. I Feel Gross And Rebellious All At The Same Time. And Yes, I Have Been Out In Public.

It's been one of those days.  Geoff and I are leaving tomorrow for a few days in Santa Barbara and I've left everything undone to prepare for the trip until today.  So, in a clever attempt to merge both blog post and bag packing, I'm going to give you a little peek inside my travel wardrobe.  Pretty exciting stuff, don't you agree?

I feel the key to successful packing is color scheme.  I prefer a color scheme that hides spilled food and wine.  I've gone with a neutral palette for this trip.  I guess that's because it's February and we haven't moved into fun summer colors, we're out of the fall and holiday colors and, if I'm being honest, because  I love neutrals almost as much as I love anything with melted cheese on it.  And that's a lot.

So I've gone with denim (always), white, black, taupe and gray.  I've put together specific outfits (but included some free agents as well) so I could easily rearrange things, if I felt the need, and come up with at least three or four additional ensembles.

Since I am going with very quiet neutrals I'm bringing much-need zing into the wardrobe through accessories - a leopard scarf, statement necklaces, and some interesting shoes will keep my look from going too vanilla.

Here's the lineup:

This is the outfit I'm wearing on the plane.  The booties will protect my feet from airport cooties and are easy to take on and off in security.  I intend to use the scarf to keep me warm when the air conditioning nozzle won't move from pointing directly at me and blowing arctic air full blast into my face.

When we arrive and it's time to step it up a notch for evening I'll ditch the scarf and add the white blazer for contrast.  I'll throw on the fabulous Pegasus necklace from Stella & Dot and some strappy black heels.  "Where's my wine?"

Next day, I'll be sporting this.  This gray t-shirt is a great example of what I love to have in my wardrobe.  It's essentially a basic - just a gray T - but it's actually cooler than a basic because of the tunic length and the interesting fabric used to make it.  I'm adding color with a statement necklace and have some footwear options.  I can do suede booties if I feel a covered toe is appropriate or the gladiators if a full-on bohemian vibe is welcome.

That night we have a dinner event.  I'm going with patterned cigarette pants and a sheer black blouse.  And strappy heels.  Plus, gold accessories in the form of layered delicate necklaces, a statement earring and a fun cuff.  Again, the dark color will hide a multitude of sins including a spilled Malbec.

The next day we have some time to play around then we'll head back home.  I'm going with jeans again (because jeans are awesome) - this time a bootcut, and an embroidered cream jersey blouse and the lovely white blazer.  I'm adding color with the turquoise necklace and have a couple options for footwear.

I've brought along a few extras just in case. They are such simple pieces that if any outfit just wasn't working or I fell in the pool and needed something dry, I could put together a look that worked with everything else I'm bringing.  I've included pair of black skinnies, a short sleeved white t-shirt and a long-sleeved grey tunic T.  Plus an additional statement necklace, this time a pendant, if I thought it looked better than any of the others I have planned.  Or someone else desperately needed an accessory. I'm a good sharer.

So there you have it.  I'm really looking forward to some time away with Geoff.  He'll be doing a little business while were there, but he assures me there will be plenty of togetherness.  I probably won't post on Wednesday - so I'll see you all back on Friday.  Have a lovely week!!

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thanks and love.

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