Monday, February 10, 2014

Sometimes When One Writes A Blog, One Has Days When The Words Simply Don't Flow. On Those Days, Said Blogger Will Wish For Understanding And Patience From Anyone Kind Enough To Read Their Blog. Can You Guess What I'm Wishing Right Now?

After attending an event at the Stanley Hotel over the weekend, I have come to realize when the recommended attire is 'Festive Casual' you might as well just say 'stand in the middle of your closet, close your eyes, spin around three times, and wear whatever you touch first'.  Never in my life have I seen a broader range of style interpretations.  I saw everything from sequined dresses to Grateful Dead t-shirts - there were high heels and cowboy hats, evening bags and even a fanny pack.  

However, regardless of whatever ensemble the revelers donned, it became very clear that nothing brings a group together better than a lengthy cocktail hour and the song 'Brick House' by the Commodores.  Alcohol and dance music are the ultimate bonding agents.  I wonder if the United Nations has considered this approach in dealing with international negotiations?  I don't think it should be completely off the table.  

Today is a very special day.  Sixteen years ago my daughter, Eliza, was born at 8:06 a.m. weighing in at 8 lbs. 6 oz. (which I always thought was cool).  I can't put into words how much she means to me.  She is an amazing person and it's an incredible experience to see her grow into herself.  I wish I could still pick her up and carry her around.  Sometimes I long for the days when she watched The Big Comfy Couch and wanted to hear Piggy, Belle, and Puddles stories.  But more than wishing I could relive the beautiful past, I wish peace, love, and happiness for her now and forever.  I love you, Eliza, more than you could ever imagine.  Happy birthday, Miss Baby!

I'm wearing this.

I'm starting to feel a little weird about these jeans.  They have so much stretch to them and have such a skinny fit that I'm not completely convinced they couldn't be considered hosiery. 

gratitude:  being a mom, talking with Geoff, celebrations, our home

thanks and love.

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