Friday, February 28, 2014

A Post About Fashion. Because It's Fun To Get Dressed. But Not Fun In The 'Laugh Out Loud' Sense. If You Become Hysterical While Clothing Yourself, You Should Rethink Your Look. Unless You're Trying To Be Funny. In Which Case I Hope It's Halloween Or You're Attending A Themed Party. Or A Renaissance Fair.

My recent trip to the warmer climes of Santa Barbara has me thinking Spring.  It's a beautiful, warmish, sunny day here in Colorado and I heard birds chirping while I was doing yoga so I'm pretty much on the verge of breaking out the flip-flops.  Of course, the impending Polar Vortex expected this weekend will make it all too clear that it's not time yet to move the wool sweaters to the back burner (heavy sigh), but with March happening in less than 24 hours, it's the perfect time to start considering Spring fashion.

Here in Colorado, Spring can bring us 75 degree days just as easily as a week of heavy wet snow.  Our wardrobes this time of year take the term 'transitional' to extreme levels (read: flip flops and ski jackets), so we absolutely must have a few items in our closet that look equally great in a wide range of conditions.  This is probably the case around the world - Spring is a wardrobe challenge almost everywhere, but there is one fashion weapon that will practically guarantee style victory well into the season:  a taupe, suede bootie.

Here are mine.  I've worn them so much they've actually darkened over the year.  And there's a grease spot on one of them from my overly eager consumption of a garlic shrimp appetizer.

Oh, they have served me well.  I was looking over some outfits I've posted on the blog in recent months and these shoes were involved in about 85% of them - this isn't an exact figure of course, calculating the actual percentage would push my math skills to a point of discomfort - but suffice it to say, these shoes are my favorites.  And, while I was in California, I keenly observed many fashionable people at some pretty swanky spots and, much to my joyous surprise, boots like these were everywhere.

Here's how I'm wearing mine today:

If we were expecting a spring snowstorm, I might try this:

If it were over 70 degrees, I'd wear this and have a glass of wine on a patio:

The key to wearing them is to find the right pant.  Skinny and boyfriend jeans are great, boyfriend cut chinos also work, as do leggings, jeggings, skirts or shorts (if you're under the age of 35). I like to get a jean in an ankle length so there is a little bit of skin showing between the boot and the jean - a boyfriend cut pant can be rolled to have the same effect.  As a bonus, this shorter length of pant will transition well to a sandal when things really start to heat up.

Heel height is totally up to the wearer.  I prefer a bit of a heel, but if your a 'flats only' kinda person then that's fine too.  The taupe color is especially nice because it's neutral, but light so it looks good with spring colors.  A leather boot would be cute too, but the suede is a nice textural touch.  And, because the toe is covered, there is no fear of exposing a foot that has been ignored a bit over the colder months.

So go forth and find ye a taupe, suede bootie.  Then drinketh something tasty whilst admiring your stylish purchase.

I think we may try this little libation tonight.  Geoff received a champagne cocktail book this winter and with patio season just around the corner, we need to start doing some research for tasty sippers.

Blueberry Caipirinha

12 fresh blueberries
6 slices lime
2 teaspoons brown sugar
1 ounce cachaca (this should have that squiggle shape under the last 'c', but I don't know how to do that on the computer)
3 or 4 ounces chilled brut cava
1 thin slice lime, for garnish
1 blueberry, for garnish

Put the blueberries and lime slices in a rocks glass.  Muddle until the berries are mashed and the lime has released its juice.  Add the brown sugar and cachaca and stir to dissolve the sugar.  Fill the glass two-thirds full with ice.  Add the cava.  To garnish, wrap the thin slice of lime around the blueberry and anchor with a cocktail pick.  (from The Bubbly Bar by Marcia C. Hunt)

Sounds tasty and blueberries are full of antioxidants so it's kinda like a vitamin.

gratitude:  the foam roller, lemon, a spring vibe, music

thanks and love.

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