Friday, November 15, 2013

Fashion Failure Friday. A Sad Tale About Too Much Of A Good Thing.

I've not gambled in Vegas before, but I've heard stories about people who've been on a winning streak then lose it all by playing one game too many.  Instead of taking their money off the table, they roll the dice one last time and everything falls apart.  That kind of happened to me yesterday.

My loss wasn't monetary in nature, it was comfort-based.  I'd been feeling pretty darn good about my fashion choices lately, but yesterday I pushed it too far and felt so ridiculous in my ensemble that I could barely concentrate on my staging work.  I felt like I was in a costume.  It was bad.

My problem was combining too many trends all at once.  I recently just bought a pair of over the knee riding boots.  I love them, and they do look very now.  Problem was, I should have just worn them with a skinny jean and a t-shirt so they could take center stage.  Unfortunately, I chose to combine them with two looks that also would have been better served on their own.  

I wore a flannel shirt (borrowed from JD) with a very sparkly statement necklace.  The classic high/low trend.  It's all over Pinterest and has actually been getting on my nerves lately.  But I ignored my better instincts and attempted to rock my high/low flannel and sparkle with over the knee boots.  You see now how the fashion stage was starting to get crowded.

Then, I foolishly dipped a toe in the leggings as pants movement.  I normally don't do this, but I thought they would better feature my new boots, so I wore a heavy legging instead of a skinny jean.  And these leggings don't even fit well - they have a weird thick waistband and kind of come up high on me so I look a little like Tweedle Dee in them.  I felt so uncomfortable because my flannel shirt was just long enough to cover my backside, but if I raised my arms even a little, anyone around me saw a bit more than they had bargained for.  I raise my arms a lot.  My apologies.

So, word to the wise, if you're planning to rock a fashion trend, let it be a solo act.  This outfit sounded cute, and may have even looked the part for all I know, but the impact of each piece would have been greater if it had just been worn alone.  Lesson learned.

I'm wearing this today:

No major trends to speak of here.  Just keeping the stripe simple with low boots and a little short-sleeved sweater topper.  I may throw on a leopard scarf if it feels chilly, but Jenna Lyons of J.Crew fame stated that she considers leopard a neutral, so no trend over application will occur today.  Whew.

gratitude:  business opportunities, fun dinner conversations in bad restaurants, flat areas for running, driving the kids to school

thanks and love.

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