Friday, November 8, 2013

I May Have Experienced A Runner's High Today. Or, I Could Have Just Been Running Downhill.

Happy Friday!  I don't want to sound too 'yay me!', but I did a three-mile run this morning and did not feel like crying afterward.  As you may recall, I'm aiming to participate in the Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot here in Denver.  Originally, when I came up with this plan, I was under the impression that this run was a standard 5K, which sounded plenty intimidating to a non-runner like myself.  Lo and behold as soon as I made the commitment to the race, I was informed this is actually a four mile run.  Say what?

I wanted to back out of the event, thinking my decision to participate was based on bad information, but I forged ahead anyway.  I've been attempting to train somewhat regularly for the last couple months.  It's not been easy, but it has been eye-opening.  For the first time ever, I bought a Runner's World magazine.  I hid it in my purse and I'm not sure why exactly.

I didn't buy the magazine for the articles about how to survive marathons and the like (FYI the key to survival is to drive), but because there was an article in there about how to look cute in race day pictures.  It wasn't as long or informative as I'd hoped; it mostly featured tips from NBC reporter Natalie Morales who said she likes to wear a ponytail or braids to keep her hair stylishly out of her face when she runs.  I just don't think braids are gonna do it for me (can you imagine?).  Also, my sunglasses tend to slip down my nose and I always end up with the sniffles while I'm running.  I look less like a cute national news correspondent and more like Lisa Loopner.  Maybe we'll hold off on pictures this time.

I have put a little thought into my race day ensemble.  I bought myself a pair of grey compression pants at Old Navy - you know, where all serious athletes buy their gear.  I like the pants and they squeeze my thighs into a pleasant shape - like Spanx for your entire lower half.  I'm not sure what top I'm going to go with - the temperature in Denver on Thanksgiving could be 70 degrees or below zero, so I'll need to wait for an extended forecast before I make a final decision.  I was shopping the other day and saw one of those cute workout tops with a peplum that I considered for a very, very brief period.  Then it occurred to me that peplum workout tops are best worn by someone shooting for a personal record in a run, not by someone looking to merely survive it without crying.  Or quitting.

I'm wearing this today.

It's pretty warm today, so short sleeves are not out of the question.  A cheapo black blazer from Forever 21 will be the perfect second layer should things cool off.  I like this low-budget blazer because it's very thin - you get the blazer effect without the added heft that comes with higher quality materials.

gratitude:  my run today, champagne-based cocktails on the horizon, a color plan for the house, baked potatoes

thanks and love.

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