Friday, February 28, 2014

A Post About Fashion. Because It's Fun To Get Dressed. But Not Fun In The 'Laugh Out Loud' Sense. If You Become Hysterical While Clothing Yourself, You Should Rethink Your Look. Unless You're Trying To Be Funny. In Which Case I Hope It's Halloween Or You're Attending A Themed Party. Or A Renaissance Fair.

My recent trip to the warmer climes of Santa Barbara has me thinking Spring.  It's a beautiful, warmish, sunny day here in Colorado and I heard birds chirping while I was doing yoga so I'm pretty much on the verge of breaking out the flip-flops.  Of course, the impending Polar Vortex expected this weekend will make it all too clear that it's not time yet to move the wool sweaters to the back burner (heavy sigh), but with March happening in less than 24 hours, it's the perfect time to start considering Spring fashion.

Here in Colorado, Spring can bring us 75 degree days just as easily as a week of heavy wet snow.  Our wardrobes this time of year take the term 'transitional' to extreme levels (read: flip flops and ski jackets), so we absolutely must have a few items in our closet that look equally great in a wide range of conditions.  This is probably the case around the world - Spring is a wardrobe challenge almost everywhere, but there is one fashion weapon that will practically guarantee style victory well into the season:  a taupe, suede bootie.

Here are mine.  I've worn them so much they've actually darkened over the year.  And there's a grease spot on one of them from my overly eager consumption of a garlic shrimp appetizer.

Oh, they have served me well.  I was looking over some outfits I've posted on the blog in recent months and these shoes were involved in about 85% of them - this isn't an exact figure of course, calculating the actual percentage would push my math skills to a point of discomfort - but suffice it to say, these shoes are my favorites.  And, while I was in California, I keenly observed many fashionable people at some pretty swanky spots and, much to my joyous surprise, boots like these were everywhere.

Here's how I'm wearing mine today:

If we were expecting a spring snowstorm, I might try this:

If it were over 70 degrees, I'd wear this and have a glass of wine on a patio:

The key to wearing them is to find the right pant.  Skinny and boyfriend jeans are great, boyfriend cut chinos also work, as do leggings, jeggings, skirts or shorts (if you're under the age of 35). I like to get a jean in an ankle length so there is a little bit of skin showing between the boot and the jean - a boyfriend cut pant can be rolled to have the same effect.  As a bonus, this shorter length of pant will transition well to a sandal when things really start to heat up.

Heel height is totally up to the wearer.  I prefer a bit of a heel, but if your a 'flats only' kinda person then that's fine too.  The taupe color is especially nice because it's neutral, but light so it looks good with spring colors.  A leather boot would be cute too, but the suede is a nice textural touch.  And, because the toe is covered, there is no fear of exposing a foot that has been ignored a bit over the colder months.

So go forth and find ye a taupe, suede bootie.  Then drinketh something tasty whilst admiring your stylish purchase.

I think we may try this little libation tonight.  Geoff received a champagne cocktail book this winter and with patio season just around the corner, we need to start doing some research for tasty sippers.

Blueberry Caipirinha

12 fresh blueberries
6 slices lime
2 teaspoons brown sugar
1 ounce cachaca (this should have that squiggle shape under the last 'c', but I don't know how to do that on the computer)
3 or 4 ounces chilled brut cava
1 thin slice lime, for garnish
1 blueberry, for garnish

Put the blueberries and lime slices in a rocks glass.  Muddle until the berries are mashed and the lime has released its juice.  Add the brown sugar and cachaca and stir to dissolve the sugar.  Fill the glass two-thirds full with ice.  Add the cava.  To garnish, wrap the thin slice of lime around the blueberry and anchor with a cocktail pick.  (from The Bubbly Bar by Marcia C. Hunt)

Sounds tasty and blueberries are full of antioxidants so it's kinda like a vitamin.

gratitude:  the foam roller, lemon, a spring vibe, music

thanks and love.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Some Thoughts On Trusting Your Gut. Although, I Don't Use The Exact Term 'Gut' In This Post Because It Kinda Grosses Me Out. It Feels Messy.

I've been thinking a lot lately about how wise our bodies are.  Way smarter than our minds - there's some deep, deep intellect being carried by our cells.  And I think it's incredibly important that we listen to what our body is telling us about our lives and act accordingly.  If we don't there is usually a price to pay.

I haven't always been aware of the messages my body has been sending me.  It really wasn't until I was pregnant with my first child that I actually came to appreciate my physical being.  That I could make a human blew me away.  And then, it was those very humans I created that drew me to a yoga practice as a way to become a more present, calm and centered parent for them.  Those were key experiences in my life that helped put me in touch with the greatest advisor ever.  My body.

Many of my younger years were spent ignoring the hints about my life that my cells have been trying to tell me.  Weight gain and acne during my teen years was a clear sign that I'd lost touch with who I really was and my body was rebelling.  Instead of slowing down to listen, accept, and change (which I admit is nearly impossible as a teenager), I kept eating McDonald's and buying tinted Clearasil.

In graduate school I dated a guy from Aspen who epitomized resort life in the early '90s.  Fast skiing, fast cars, and a lot of partying into the wee hours.  It was like a bad movie.  I tried to keep up the first weekend we spent there, but it became clear this was a level of living I was not cut out for.  It was exhausting.  Strangely, after that, every weekend we were there I ended up in bed with a violent stomach bug.  I never could participate in all the "fun".  We eventually broke up (after two urpy years) and I immediately felt better.

I've continued to have episodes in my life where an ongoing physical sensation has disappeared once a change had been made.  A couple years ago, I finally made the connection between feeling something inside and associated life experiences.  I've been told that feeling is intuition - you can tell when you're on the right or wrong track - and it's the clearest and best gauge we have.

We need to slow ourselves down in order to listen - yoga, meditation, prayer, journaling and the like are excellent ways to do that.  Sometimes exercise works, taking a walk or run can give us that necessary time to connect.  A regular practice involving those things can help keep us in tune with our body's messages on a continual basis.  If we don't give ourselves the time to hear what our cells are saying we risk all sorts of health issues; heart palpitations, headaches, funky skin, or a Taco Bell addiction are just a few of the perils we could face as a result.

For the last couple months I've woken to a racing heart.  I'd spend most of my day feeling like someone had just jumped out from behind a wall to scare me.  Good times.  I knew I was being sent a message, but I didn't know what it was.  I had to just live like that for awhile and be open to what that feeling meant.  It was hard.  And I drank a lot of Kava Stress Relief Tea (my mom has called me the Judy Garland of herbal remedies).  Eventually, I made a shift in my thinking, which resulted in a shift in my life, which caused the feeling of my heart jumping out of my body to disappear.  I know I've made the right choice because I can literally feel it.  And your body doesn't lie - your brain might fudge the truth from time to time because it's ornery, but you can trust your body every time.

I'm wearing this:

Yes, that is an exposed toe under those jeans.  I can't take winter anymore.

gratitude:  fleece blankets, online scheduling, eucalyptus oil, melting snow

thanks and love.

Monday, February 24, 2014

I Think The 'Delete' Key May Be My Favorite On The Keyboard. Without It This Post Would Have Taken Even A Fast Reader Several Hours To Complete And Likely Would Have Covered Topics As Far-Reaching As Anxiety, Pump Action Lotion Bottles, Pets, Dry Skin, And Laundry Detergent. Thank You, 'Delete' Key!! Thank You!!

I'm going to have to apologize for the forthcoming meh blog post.   I realize now that it helps to at least throw together a draft of some sort the night before a posting day so as to avoid the "I have nothing to write about" panic that ensues, without fail, otherwise.  I did not plan ahead today (obvs) and am now struggling to pull something out of thin air.

One of my theories is, when in doubt, go back to the basics.  How 'bout the day of the week?  It's Monday after all, another Meatless Monday, if you're playing along.  I'll admit I've spaced the Meatless Monday theme quite a few times, but I feel like we have Meatless Mondays through Fridays quite frequently here at the High House.  I really struggle with meat consumption from time to time.  If it's not the concept that's creeping me out then I'm very concerned with how the animals have been raised.  Of course my family members don't share the same issues as I, and would happily chow down on pigs, cows, and the like seven days a week.  This poses a challenge for me because they aren't as overjoyed as I am when I create a fabulous main dish whose leading role is played by cannellini beans.  I just don't get it.

So when Meatless Monday rolls around I face it with some trepidation.  Which is why we will be having leftover potato soup from last night (which was a hit), a big green salad and, as the shining star of the menu, the Garlicky Party Bread with Herbs and Cheese from Smitten Kitchen for dinner tonight.  My family loves a good loaf.  While I may have my meat hang-ups I have nothing but unadulterated love for bread.  If I was told I had to go gluten-free, I'd likely have a mini-breakdown.  Bread makes me very happy.  And this recipe combines three things (besides bread) that I dearly love - butter, garlic, and eating with my hands.  Perhaps you'd like to give it a go as well.  Maybe, if served alongside some kale or a white bean salad, family members would participate in Meatless Monday with a little more enthusiasm.

I'm wearing this:

I'm feeling a little spring vibe today, so I'm breaking out the colorful accessories.  This necklace (the Zahara from Stella & Dot) is one of my favorites.   It has all the traditionally "preppy" spring colors, but it has an ethnic vibe too, so it works with looks from traditional to bohemian with equal ease.  Me likey.

gratitude:  clarity, Pinterest, basics, bright green

thanks and love.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Twenty-Four Hours Ago I Was Eating Breakfast On A Terrace Overlooking The Ocean. It Was Warm And I Could Hear The Waves Crashing On The Beach. Today, We Woke Up To The Sound Of Our Grill Crashing To The Patio From The Freak Winds We've Enjoyed This Last Month. Yay, Winter!

Getting away from it all is really a very good thing to do.  I don't know why I always seem to forget how rejuvenated, and just happier, it makes me feel.  To go for a few days without having to plan, shop for, and prepare every single meal is priceless.  Top it off with not having to pick up the house or feel guilty because you didn't get around to cleaning the toilets (again) and you've got yourself a fabulous few days.

Not only is travel good for the heart and soul, it provides a lot of inspiration too.  We were in Santa Barbara this week and the way things are decorated there is so up my ally.  It's not that I want to capture the look exactly, but it's the feeling of Santa Barbara I'd like to weave into my own home.  There's an element of sunshine to the style - lighter woods, walls, and upholstery.  But it's anchored by dark red tiles, black framed windows, wrought iron, stone, and heavy wooden beams.  It's a very cool balance, if you ask me.  My theory is, if you decorate your home with the same vibe that a favorite vacation spot has, then you'll always kind of feel like you're on a vacation.  Right?  Still working on how to duplicate the joy a nice turn-down service provides.

So now I'm on a quest to bring a little Santa Barbara to my own abode.  I'll start by adding more wicker, a ton of hurricane candles, and some soft gold colors in my pillows and area rugs.  Would it be weird if I sprinkled a little sand here and there to make it feel like we are just off the ocean?  It probably would.  I'm always so proud when I can self edit before I do something strange.

I'm wearing this:

These jeans made it back from the trip to Santa Barbara without being worn, so they moved to the top of the heap when I was looking for something to wear.  I love the top because it's that weird gray/green - you can literally put any color with it and it works.  Plus it cost about $8 at TJMaxx so I like it even more.  The white jewelry feels like summer and wearing it makes me forget that it's not.

gratitude:  a little vacay, coming home to the kids, having the opportunity to experience some great things on our trip, my own shower

thanks and love.

Monday, February 17, 2014

I Have Many Pictures In This Post, But I've Purposely Omitted My Look Today. I'm Still Wearing Pajamas Under My Pants. I Feel Gross And Rebellious All At The Same Time. And Yes, I Have Been Out In Public.

It's been one of those days.  Geoff and I are leaving tomorrow for a few days in Santa Barbara and I've left everything undone to prepare for the trip until today.  So, in a clever attempt to merge both blog post and bag packing, I'm going to give you a little peek inside my travel wardrobe.  Pretty exciting stuff, don't you agree?

I feel the key to successful packing is color scheme.  I prefer a color scheme that hides spilled food and wine.  I've gone with a neutral palette for this trip.  I guess that's because it's February and we haven't moved into fun summer colors, we're out of the fall and holiday colors and, if I'm being honest, because  I love neutrals almost as much as I love anything with melted cheese on it.  And that's a lot.

So I've gone with denim (always), white, black, taupe and gray.  I've put together specific outfits (but included some free agents as well) so I could easily rearrange things, if I felt the need, and come up with at least three or four additional ensembles.

Since I am going with very quiet neutrals I'm bringing much-need zing into the wardrobe through accessories - a leopard scarf, statement necklaces, and some interesting shoes will keep my look from going too vanilla.

Here's the lineup:

This is the outfit I'm wearing on the plane.  The booties will protect my feet from airport cooties and are easy to take on and off in security.  I intend to use the scarf to keep me warm when the air conditioning nozzle won't move from pointing directly at me and blowing arctic air full blast into my face.

When we arrive and it's time to step it up a notch for evening I'll ditch the scarf and add the white blazer for contrast.  I'll throw on the fabulous Pegasus necklace from Stella & Dot and some strappy black heels.  "Where's my wine?"

Next day, I'll be sporting this.  This gray t-shirt is a great example of what I love to have in my wardrobe.  It's essentially a basic - just a gray T - but it's actually cooler than a basic because of the tunic length and the interesting fabric used to make it.  I'm adding color with a statement necklace and have some footwear options.  I can do suede booties if I feel a covered toe is appropriate or the gladiators if a full-on bohemian vibe is welcome.

That night we have a dinner event.  I'm going with patterned cigarette pants and a sheer black blouse.  And strappy heels.  Plus, gold accessories in the form of layered delicate necklaces, a statement earring and a fun cuff.  Again, the dark color will hide a multitude of sins including a spilled Malbec.

The next day we have some time to play around then we'll head back home.  I'm going with jeans again (because jeans are awesome) - this time a bootcut, and an embroidered cream jersey blouse and the lovely white blazer.  I'm adding color with the turquoise necklace and have a couple options for footwear.

I've brought along a few extras just in case. They are such simple pieces that if any outfit just wasn't working or I fell in the pool and needed something dry, I could put together a look that worked with everything else I'm bringing.  I've included pair of black skinnies, a short sleeved white t-shirt and a long-sleeved grey tunic T.  Plus an additional statement necklace, this time a pendant, if I thought it looked better than any of the others I have planned.  Or someone else desperately needed an accessory. I'm a good sharer.

So there you have it.  I'm really looking forward to some time away with Geoff.  He'll be doing a little business while were there, but he assures me there will be plenty of togetherness.  I probably won't post on Wednesday - so I'll see you all back on Friday.  Have a lovely week!!

gratitude:  lasagna leftovers, grandparents, adventures, iPhones

thanks and love.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Funny Story. I Was In Such A Hurry At The Grocery Store The Other Day That When I Walked Through The Dangling Strings Attached To All The Valentine Balloons, One Of Them Stuck To My Lip Gloss And I Almost Made It To The Magazine Section Before I Realized I Was Dragging A Giant Inflatable Heart From My Mouth.

Every year I think I'll plan ahead and get my Valentine goodies purchased way in advance.  And, like clockwork, I find myself every February 13th lined up elbow to elbow with the rest of the bad planners in front of the card racks at the grocery store.  I don't know why this always happens.  They certainly give us plenty of time to get what we need since the stores are stocked with Valentine supplies shortly after all the Christmas goods are pushed into a corner and marked as 'Clearance.'  We have almost two months to pull it together and I never do.

Yesterday, I was there (of course) picking through what was left in the card section.  I felt like one of those birds that waits for the predator to finish eating their kill then sweeps in to gobble up the scraps left behind.  We were a pathetic bunch.  There were empty sections in the card rack where all the good cards must have been so the 1,500 of us gathered there were battling over what were clearly lesser options.  You get desperate after a while because so many of the messages are freakishly dramatic or x-rated.  I got excited when I found one that I kind of liked then realized it was apparently intended for the family pet.

I did manage to find something that worked, it wasn't easy and I still presented it with an apology and my usual, "What's with the cards lately?" comment.  Next year I'm going to plan ahead and see what kind of Valentine selection is available in January.  That or I'll just cut out a construction paper heart and write 'I love you' on it.  Proving that, along with naps and snack time, preschool was pretty much chock full of good ideas.

I'm wearing this:

Last year I dressed in pink for the special day and felt like a 3rd grader.  This year, I'm going neutral (but sparkly) with a bit of Valentine color in my earrings.  I feel so mature.

gratitude:  my Valentine loves,  Geoff, Eliza and JD, gray t-shirts, hearts, sunny skies

thanks and love.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I've Never Been On A Bobsled, So How Do I Know I Wouldn't Have Been Really Good At It? They Just Didn't Offer Bobsled Lessons Where I Grew Up. They Did Offer Skating Lessons Though, And It Became Very Clear Early On That Olympic Skating Was Not In The Cards For Me.

How much longer until the Olympics are over?  Don't get me wrong, I love the Olympics.  But they're already affecting our nightly schedule and I'm becoming a bit concerned that by the time the whole shebang is over our family room will look like the finish line in a cross country event - the entire family sprawled on the floor, exhausted, as the closing ceremonies play out on the T.V. screen, one of us straining to reach the remote, but too weak to hit the power button.

There's just something about the Olympics that make you love every event.  For example, I never think about the luge.  Honestly, the entire sport doesn't cross my mind once during regular years, even when I'm participating in a snow-based activity.  I'm not even sure what a luge looks like.  But somehow, during the Olympics, I'll forgo a good night's sleep so I can watch a luge event.  And I'll watch like I've grown up with the sport.  After seeing just one NBC segment on the event and a few short runs, I become emotionally involved and find myself in my jammies, midway through brushing my teeth, cheering like a lunatic for a competitor I just learned about 10 minutes ago.

I'll tell you though, when we hear the newscasters give us the warning that they're going to share information on who won what medals that day, before we get the chance to see it all in prime time, you should see our Olympic-quality efforts at home.  The speed at which we hurdle the couch and dive roll alongside the coffee table in order to grab the remote with one hand and mute the sound in a continuous motion is really something to behold.

I'm wearing this.

The temps are above freezing today and I absolutely refuse to wear a sweater.  I almost went sleeveless in an act of defiance, but decided against it, opting for a neon yellow paisley to burn through the gray skies.  Plus, my skinny, winter-pale arms are almost as disturbing as the thought of more snow.

gratitude:  happiness, brownies, new People magazines at the orthodontist's office, a clean mudroom

thanks and love.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Sometimes When One Writes A Blog, One Has Days When The Words Simply Don't Flow. On Those Days, Said Blogger Will Wish For Understanding And Patience From Anyone Kind Enough To Read Their Blog. Can You Guess What I'm Wishing Right Now?

After attending an event at the Stanley Hotel over the weekend, I have come to realize when the recommended attire is 'Festive Casual' you might as well just say 'stand in the middle of your closet, close your eyes, spin around three times, and wear whatever you touch first'.  Never in my life have I seen a broader range of style interpretations.  I saw everything from sequined dresses to Grateful Dead t-shirts - there were high heels and cowboy hats, evening bags and even a fanny pack.  

However, regardless of whatever ensemble the revelers donned, it became very clear that nothing brings a group together better than a lengthy cocktail hour and the song 'Brick House' by the Commodores.  Alcohol and dance music are the ultimate bonding agents.  I wonder if the United Nations has considered this approach in dealing with international negotiations?  I don't think it should be completely off the table.  

Today is a very special day.  Sixteen years ago my daughter, Eliza, was born at 8:06 a.m. weighing in at 8 lbs. 6 oz. (which I always thought was cool).  I can't put into words how much she means to me.  She is an amazing person and it's an incredible experience to see her grow into herself.  I wish I could still pick her up and carry her around.  Sometimes I long for the days when she watched The Big Comfy Couch and wanted to hear Piggy, Belle, and Puddles stories.  But more than wishing I could relive the beautiful past, I wish peace, love, and happiness for her now and forever.  I love you, Eliza, more than you could ever imagine.  Happy birthday, Miss Baby!

I'm wearing this.

I'm starting to feel a little weird about these jeans.  They have so much stretch to them and have such a skinny fit that I'm not completely convinced they couldn't be considered hosiery. 

gratitude:  being a mom, talking with Geoff, celebrations, our home

thanks and love.

Friday, February 7, 2014

An 'Ode To Joy', Sort Of. Or A Cheat Sheet For 'How To Avoid Feeling Like Poopy'.

I get these daily 'truthbombs' from Danielle LaPorte.  They were one of the few things that survived my self-help and inspiration purge a few weeks ago.  One day this week, the phrase she sent was, 'Joy expands.'  It really hit home with me so I printed it and cut it out and now it lives on my desk.  See?

I had to make this message a part of my desk decor because I have a theme word for 2014 (yes, I really did that) and it just so happens to be the word, EXPAND.  I took this message to be a clue about expansion.  Joy expands.  Does that mean that joy gets bigger and bigger?  I think it does.  But it also means than having joy helps us expand.  In that case the sentence is only missing an object.  Joy expands stuff.  And this year, I'm looking to expand in a lot of ways except my butt size, for obvious reasons.

My feeling is, if we feel joy we're more apt to allow ourselves to expand in life.  And there are so many things you can do/work on/attempt if you're aiming to up your joy quotient.  Here are just a few, in no particular order:

Be grateful.  Studies have shown that being consciously grateful on a daily basis makes you happier.  Try writing down four things every day that you are grateful for, it will make a difference.  Be grateful for little things.  Sunshine, pencils, or even just the ability to breathe are worthy of gratitude.  Say 'thank you' out loud.

Forgive.  Oh, this one's a doozy, but so very important.  You have to forgive or you'll never be free.  Forgiving someone doesn't mean you condone whatever happened or that you keep the door open to a bad situation.  It just means you're no longer going to carry around the negative feelings from the experience.  The anger and negativity is only hurting you, it has no effect whatsoever on who hurt you in the first place.  And forgiveness must also extend to ourselves.  We are not defined by our mistakes.  We all make them, and they are only mistakes if we fail to learn from them.  They say 'to err is human; to forgive, divine.'  And who doesn't want to add a little bit of divinity to life?  Forgive.

Exercise.  I don't care if you're running an ultra marathon or going for the burn lifting soup cans in a chair.  Exercise makes you happier.  There's science out there to back that up.  Just do something.  But don't get weird about it - life is about balance, people.

Love.  Love others.  Love yourself.  Send love out to the universe in general and open your heart to the love around you.

Be present.  It's hard to live in the moment, but the past really is over and who know's what the future holds?  'In the moment' is really the only place we ever are.  Why not try to make right now the best it can be?  Be aware about how, who, and where you are - don't mindlessly race through life.

Take care of things.  Take care of yourself.  Take care of those you love.  Take care of your possessions.  Take care of what needs to be done.

Open up.  Seriously.  Lean back, open your chest, let your lungs expand and feel what it's like to not live all curled up.   Sometimes life makes us want to roll into a ball and when that happens, by all means, go fetal.  But, it's not good to stay there forever.  We need to physically open our heart area when the time is right.  Or, maybe life isn't making you curl up, but your computer is.  A lot of us sit at keyboards for most of the day and I can't be the only one who's noticed that sometimes my chin is nearly touching the space bar on my laptop.  We need to reverse that posture and open.

Laugh, dance and sing.  Do one or all three.  Do it alone or with others.  Just lighten up and don't take yourself so seriously.

These are just few things I've found that help me to be more joyous - maybe they'll work for you too.  Lord knows I fall off the joy bandwagon more often than I'd prefer, but when I remind myself to focus on these things it's definitely easier to get back into the flow.

I'm wearing this:

In honor of the Olympics, I've decided to dress like a gold medal.  With suede booties.

gratitude:  this song and video, the Olympics, heated car seats, blueberry waffles

thanks and love.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Communicating with teenagers is not for the faint of heart.  Or quitters.  Or anyone who may be experiencing any kind of hormonal imbalance.  Teens can type 1,000,000,000,000 words per minute.  And they are able to carry on multiple friend conversations simultaneously all within different mediums.  One second they're texting a paragraph to a friend about boyfriends or the trig homework, then they're snapping a photo of themselves sitting on the couch eating crackers to share with another lucky someone, all while adding filters and hashtags to an Instagram shot of them in 5th grade for Throwback Thursday.  Sorry, #TBT.  It's mind-boggling.

But it's nowhere near as mind boggling as the experience of attempting to communicate with these constantly connected beings and receiving only one word responses.  How is it possible that when I text two, well-crafted sentences that aren't overly nosey or too affectionate (but still cheerfully express love through punctuation and a clever use of emoticons) - a message that also is worded in such a way as to naturally lead to a poly-syllabic answer - and I get a 'Nope'?  How does that happen?

I understand that one word texting answers is small potatoes compared to some issues other parents face - my heart goes out to anyone dealing with serious challenges.  But for me, this current level of interaction (while totally normal) is a little disappointing.  Sometimes, when I'm attempting teen connection, I feel like Jane Goodall easing her way into a family of chimps .  I wait and observe at a safe distance then slowly move closer in an unobtrusive way and, if I'm lucky, we sometimes share a banana or engage in a moment of social grooming.  Ah, sweet victory.

So, I'm just going to keep on keeping on - sending love while still being a grown-up.  And I'll cling to any spontaneous moment of conversation (which, by definition requires an actual rally of back and forth comments).  If the kids happen to come home and I'm in the kitchen making a delicious tray of irresistible nachos, no one should immediately label it a trap.  Sometimes I'm just hungry.

I'm wearing this:

I must say, it's getting harder and harder to feel psyched about scarves and sweaters.  But, it's -5 degrees right now.  There are no other options.

gratitude:  the heater in our bathroom, large paper clips, core workouts, yoga bricks

thanks and love.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Completing Even A Mundane Task, Like Laundry, Can Give A Person An Emotional Lift. Taking That Into Consideration, The Piles Of Dirty Clothes In My Upstairs Hallway Are Essentially Little Mountains Of Potential Joy. Right?

Once again, it's time for a stiff upper lip, Denver!  We should be pretty used to this by now.  All those Super Bowl victories have been great, but overcoming shocking losses has (unfortunately) been a more common day-after experience for our fair city.  And once again, as Bronco fans, we find ourselves facing yet another disappointing post-Super Bowl Monday.

That said, this post shall be a short one as a Super Bowl letdown, combined with slight parenting stress, a messy house, a little anxiety in the work department, and the very sad passing of a talented actor have me feeling less than glib.  Although when I think about the Bruno Mars halftime performance the corners of my mouth do lift up a bit.

I think I'll take a walk today to soak in some much-needed sunshine and emotionally helpful Vitamin D.  You can keep your clouds and coffee, Seattle - at least in Colorado we can soothe our hearts with sunny skies.  Congratulations anyway, Seahawks.  You have a really good defense and a nice quarterback too.  Plus your uniforms look cool.

Now on to the Olympics!

It's Meatless Monday and unfortunately, we'll have to delay our meatless meal until later in the week.  I made a celebratory pot roast for the Super Bowl, but the moods were so low and we'd eaten a truck load of 7-layer dip throughout the evening, and now I have a ton of leftovers.  Our refrigerator has a storage capacity only slightly larger than a dorm room fridge, so we need to eat the pot roast tonight to clear some room before our milk delivery arrives.

I'm wearing this.

The white jeans are a consciously defiant move in the face of a week of freezing temps.

gratitude:  hyacinths, yoga, accessories, peach detox tea

thanks and love.