Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Noting Gratitude Every Day Is Easy. Posting About It Regularly And With Some Level Of Humor And/Or Related Memorable Anecdotes Makes It A Tad Challenging. Plus Sometimes There's Wine. And A Commader-In-Chief Forum To Enjoy, Or Whatever They Call It.

September 6, 2016  Day 6 Grateful

I'm so grateful for Snapchat, FaceTime, Instagram - really all social media. With a child newly deposited at a far away college campus, any and all forms of communication are appreciated to a level I never really could imagine before. Any glimpse into her world, any snippet of her day-to-day life, is such an joy - such a gift.  And to have it coupled with actual words, maybe even spoken live, is like poetry in motion. I cannot express how much I need love this.

September 7,  2016  Day 7 Grateful

I'm grateful for a slower day at the food bank. This means people are getting their food at other places and don't need the service. It picks up later in the month as food stamps run out. I'm grateful for this today, plus MSNBC, and restorative yoga. I'm a hippie.

Thanks and Love.

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