Monday, December 16, 2013

I Wonder Why Polish Doesn't Last For Very Long On My Nails. I Have A Sinking Suspicion That Magic Erasers, Bon Ami, And Spot Shot Are The Enemies Of Pretty Nails. Just Guessing.

Since it's the holidays and all, I've taken a some extra time lately to get myself a little gussied up for all the festivities.  I actually had a manicure last week.  And I loved it (for about 48 hours).   I've never really had my nails done much, except for a period in college that involved numerous frequent visits to tanning salons and nail places.  There was even a small gemstone drilled into my pinky.  It was the 1980s people, so let's not judge.

Today, though, getting a manicure has fallen somewhere between wearing wedge tennis shoes and taking belly-dancing lessons.  It's just not something I'd be comfortable doing.

My daughter gets her nails done a lot though.  I don't know what's up with this generation, but they don't just have their nails painted, they get artwork and sparkles and multiple colors applied to each hand.  It takes about three hours and a manicurist with a fine arts degree to complete.  That's way too long for me to have a face-to-face conversation with someone I don't know -  I just don't have that kind of small talk in me anymore.

But Eliza convinced me I should come with her for a manicure.  We went to her salon where they don't speak English and hence, the whole need for conversation is off the table.  There's just a lot of smiling, nodding, and pointing.  Perfect.  I had my nails painted this amazing color, Lincoln Park After Dark.  It's a purply black and I loved how it looked.  I felt dramatic, but understated in a sort of moody hipster way.  A sales clerk at Urban Outfitters even complimented me so it's clear I was bringing it style-wise.

About two days in though, I noticed some chipping.  Just a little here and there, and I was able to touch it up myself.  But by day four, I looked down and one entire nail had almost completely peeled off.  Of course, I had to see how that was possible and tried peeling some polish off one of the other nails myself.  It came off in almost an entire sheet!  So I tried another and another and pretty soon, I had stripped my fingernails of about 95% of the original polish.  It was a disturbingly satisfying experience.

I still haven't completely removed the remaining polish.  It looks so bad it's kind of interesting.  I'm reveling in its ugliness.  I do think I'll return for a reapplication though.  I'm thinking I'll do it next Monday so it'll still look good for Christmas, and I can look forward to an afternoon of nail polish peeling just before the New Year.  Good times.

I'm wearing this.

I like just a splash of festive.  I considered this scarf with a greenish top, but I looked too much like a spokesperson for Santa's Workshop.

It's Meatless Monday and honestly, we have meaty leftovers that must be eaten tonight.  So we're aiming for Totally Meat-Free Tuesday instead.

gratitude:  holiday shopping coming to a close, my new kitchen soap and lotion, cookies, Fantasy Football

thanks and love.

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