Friday, December 20, 2013

A Post About Exercise Because My Other Option Was About A Bloody Nose At Hobby Lobby And A Napkin Found On The Floor Of The Backseat. Consider This A Gift.

We are moving full-speed into the holiday and I feel like taking a nap.  It may be that my dearest, Geoffrey, is in a bit of a noisy sleeping phase as of late, but mostly, I think it's because I need to exercise.  I feel like I just haven't had time (I recognize that's the excuse every fitness guru tells you is a bunch of b.s.  because I clearly have had time to watch - more than once - the video of the dog playing with the water bottles or the cute family dancing around in their Christmas jammies).  But the kids' school schedules have been really weird with finals, and there's been work to do, and extra holiday tasks, and Geoff has been traveling constantly.  Waaah, I know.   Plus, it feels too cold to run (the fact I'm even planning to continue running post-Turkey Trot should gain me some fitness points, I think) and all the places I usually do yoga in my home are filled with a Christmas tree and lots of wrapping paper.

So I haven't done anything physical aside from wrapping 75 gifts in one day and lifting a frozen turkey out of a bin at Whole Foods while holding my cell phone between my ear and shoulder.  I can't imagine why I haven't been asked to film an exercise video.

I really want to feel my best for the holiday - physically and mentally.  It's such a special time and I don't want to look back on all the events regretting my low energy level and fearing someone will pick up on my forced perkiness.  Since a massive in-home yoga session is out of the question until I get a few things picked up (ahem), I'm gonna slip on the Nikes, locate a warm hat and gloves, and stumble around the 'hood a bit to some upbeat holiday tunes.  Perhaps I'll find some sleigh bells to strap on as a festive touch and a convenient way to drown out the sound of me gasping for air.

I'm wearing this (after my run):

Jeans and sweater.  With a red scarf to make it festive.

gratitude:  the start of Winter Break, fresh greens, the frost outside, the smell of cinnamon

thanks and love.

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