Thursday, April 2, 2015

I Was Going To Post Yesterday, But I Was Afraid It Would Seem Like An April Fool's Joke. Which Would Have Made It All Too Easy For Me To Convince Myself I Was Just Kidding And Disappear For Yet Another Month.

I haven't had much to say lately so that explains the lack of postings. Actually, I've had plenty to say but most of it would have involved either expletives, moaning, or a quivering chin. If I shared a humorous perspective (however fleeting it may have been) I might have hurt some feelings or worse, appeared to not care about things as much as I really do.  I've spent a lot of time feeling a bit like this:

Anyway, the clouds seem to have parted either because of time, a change of season, or maybe the sage I burnt in a desperate attempt to shift my energy. I accept I'm at a place in life that involves managing a certain level of unsteadiness most of the time and I need to just deal with it as gracefully as possible or continue to move through my days whining - which is not how I like to live. This means it's back to the yoga mat, reading good stuff, and simplifying where I can.

Since I love clothes so very much, I'm taking an active approach to simplicity in this particular area of my life. I've read a lot about capsule collections - picking a limited number of pieces to wear for a period of time. I don't know about you, but my closet is full of different styles and colors, but I tend to wear only a few things most days. Looking at this jumbled array makes me feel bogged down, uninspired, and a little out of control. Strangely, these are some of the very same emotions that had been bringing me down in other areas of my life as well. Coincidence? Perhaps.

So, in the name of science and style, I'll be using April to experiment with the capsule wardrobe concept. I've seen a lot of capsule ideas on Pinterest and actually found a blogger out there who picks 37 pieces to wear for an entire three month season. Impressive, I thought. But, because I don't want to overwhelm my fragile psyche at this point, I'll start with a one month trial period. I've selected 30 items to wear this month (shoes and scarves included). This is really quite daring as Colorado weather in April could mean several inches of snow or 80+ degrees and the blogger that inspired me lives in more temperate Austin, Texas. And, April also involves a few occasions requiring snazzier dress than my daily "What should I wear to Whole Foods?" look, which will challenge the capsule approach further. And I like that.

This is what my April capsule collection looks like hanging in my closet.

Basically, it's three sweaters, two jackets, five pants, three skirts, two scarves and nine tops.

These are the shoes I'll be wearing, plus one more pair that should arrive soon thanks to a sale and coupon combo that could not be ignored.

I'm looking forward to all this. I feel like it will help me feel a little more settled and in control. Which would be nice. And from that calmer place who knows what other loveliness will emerge? Plus, I'll be attempting to post a pic regularly of what I'm wearing from the capsule (I know, so much to look forward to!) and because I really should write a little something along with the photo, I'll be making myself produce and create more often and maybe then I'll stop getting in my head so much and just write already.

Anywho, here is what I wore yesterday (4/1).

And here is today(4/2). Snow coming. Otis questioning.

gratitude: crock pot recipes that don't require processed food and actually have flavor, getting back to yoga again, a pedicure, the Kindle app on my iPad, patios

thanks and love.

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