Friday, March 21, 2014

It's Another Fashion Friday And Today We'll Talk Pants, Shorts, Skirts And Dresses. Let's Get To The Bottom Of It, Shall We?

As I give my humble opinion about these fashion basics, please understand that this is only my opinion.  There are no rules you absolutely must live by except that you do need to cover your lower torso pretty much all the time.  That said, why not make the most of it and wear something cute and comfortable?

Let's get started, we've got a lot to cover (that is not a pun about bum sizes).  Our list of pants and shorts includes:

Skinny denim jean
White skinny jean
Wide-legged linen pant
Ankle length black pant
Khaki chino - boyfriend cut
White shorts
Khaki shorts
Printed shorts

Skinny Denim Jean:
I'd like to amend this to any jean you like, preferably in a lighter wash.  I just don't think you can get through any season at all without a pair of jeans.   And, since we're talking Spring and Summer a lighter wash is fitting.

White Skinny Jean:
These are a 'must-have' for spring and summer.  It can be a challenge to find the right fit, but it's worth it.  By all means don't go without this pant.  It epitomizes warmer seasons.

Wide-Legged Linen Pant:
This may be one of those pieces you think you can't wear or don't want to wear because it's a little funky, but trust me, these can be fabulous during the warmer months.  They're great for just lounging around, but you can also dress them up easily with a wedge heel or a flat thong sandal.  They are classics and just as comfy as sweats.

Ankle-Length Black Pant:
Look for these pants in a narrow or a wider cut, whatever works for you, but make sure they are ankle length.  They look great dressed up with a heel or worn casually with a flat sandal.  Black gives this pant a little edge and some formality too so it's extremely versatile.  I just bought a pair of Old Navy's new Pixie pant in black for $25 and they are amazing.  I also like the cropped Martin fit pants at Banana Republic.

Khaki Chino:
This pant should be in a nice, comfy cut in a thinner material and you'll need to roll the bottoms so they hit just above your ankle.  I think khaki is a great base color because it's a classic and goes with everything, but there are so many other colors and patterns out there that it's kind of fun to pick out a zippy second pair too.

* You may totally disagree with me, but in my opinion capris should be avoided as much as possible.  They are okay for workouts, but not for real clothes - no one looks good in a pant that hits them in the middle of their calf.  I know they're comfy, but they make people look frumpy.  The shortest you should go in a pant is to the bottom of your calf - just above your ankle is ideal, in my opinion.  If you think that's too long, then just wear shorts.

Shorts - White, Khaki, Printed:
The key here is if you are over 30, I think you should avoid the super short shorts.  Even if they look good on you, it just makes you look like you're having a hard time letting go of your teen years.  Wear whatever length looks best on you from a 3 1/2" inseam to a Bermuda length.  Khaki, white and one print are the basics I think you should have.  Once you have those then add on with whatever brings you joy.

Our skirts and dresses included:

Denim pencil skirt
Short printed skirt
Solid maxi skirt
Solid summer dress
Printed summer dress

Denim Pencil Skirt:
I like denim here (in a lighter wash with the slightest bit of distressing) because the casual fabric contrasts interestingly with the classic style.  They are incredibly versatile and look great well into the Fall too.  If denim isn't your thing, then pick a solid or print in a cotton or linen.

Short Printed Skirt:
Just a fun piece to wear.  Don't spend too much if you're not sure about it - Forever 21 has some really cute options for almost nothing.  Play around with the look.

Solid Maxi:
Like the wide-legged pants, you may think this style isn't going to work for you.  Try it anyway.  Maxis are so comfy and make everyone look taller and slimmer if you pick the right fit.

Summer Dresses - Solid And Printed:
I love wearing dresses in the summer.  It's one piece of clothing to put on - how easy is that?  And dresses always make you look fabulously feminine.  Dress them up, dress them down, but have one of each at least.

So there you have it.  A thorough wrap-up of bottoms.  One note, finding the right fit in some of these pieces may take some time, but it's worth it.  Make sure you try things on.  Ignore the sizes (they are so screwed up anyway who knows what size we really are anymore) and pay attention to how things look and feel.  Also, have a tailor correct the fit if necessary.  You should feel good in what you have on, and if it doesn't fit well you won't feel right in it, if you even manage to wear it at all.

I'm wearing this:

Another striped top.  With a statement necklace.  And my suede boots.  What else is new?

gratitude:  Oh, Wondrous Spring!!, bread dipped in olive oil, roasted lemons, my yoga brick

thanks and love.

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