Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I Bought Some New Earphones To Use On Runs. They Were On The Kitchen Counter For A Couple Weeks Because I Hadn't Really Felt Like Running. Every Time I Saw Them I Felt Guilty. So I Put Them In A Drawer And Am Feeling A Lot Better About Myself.

What with tomorrow being the Vernal Equinox, and Spring Break peeking around the corner, I find I'm wanting trying to convince myself I need to step up my work out routine.  Even though our Spring Break won't be spent lounging around the pool in a warm climate (we'll be skiing in Steamboat which isn't a bad deal at all), I know that swimsuit season is just around the corner.  And even if you're not much of a pool person during the summer months, you'll still find yourself with fewer clothes on than you do in the winter, that's a fact (unless you're a beekeeper).  And so, I've been working to psych myself up for a new routine.

I haven't been completely idle during the colder months.  But I've kept my exercise routine close to home and have managed to do most of it in my pajama bottoms - which, in my defense, do bear a striking resemblance to loose fitting-yoga pants.  I have noticed so many runners doing their thing during the deepest darkest parts of winter and I'm always amazed at their fortitude and ability to maintain a healthy core body temperature.  I tried running once about a month ago (not in my pajama bottoms) and it was freezing - I mean so cold I felt my ear canals had frozen up like the Great Lakes.  Then, while running and battling frostbite, I tripped and flew almost three feet before crashing to the concrete covered earth.  There was even a car driving by for bonus humiliation points.  At that point, I decided I wouldn't head out again until things heated up a bit and the scabs on my hands healed.

That said, I've been doing some shorter and less strenuous workouts at home.  I've liked this approach.  I think winter is a good time to hibernate and take it easy - we need a break sometimes.  I found these apps for your phone or iPad that run you through various workout routines depending on what you're looking to do.  They're listed under Lolo in the app store.  I use the Easy Abs and the Killer Butt (stop laughing) ones.  It's great because you don't need any equipment and your workouts can be as short as three minutes or as long as 20.  Sometimes I find it's easier for me to squeeze in five minutes here and five minutes there, than it is for me to set aside a full hour-and-a-half to work out.  I don't end up blowing it off because really, who can't spare five minutes?

I also like using online yoga instruction.  I use Yogaglo, but there are a few others out there.  I like it because I can search for classes to take based on what type of yoga I'm interested in doing or how long I want to do it.  Sometimes I'll just find a nice 10 minute restorative or hatha session and it'll be perfect.  I've heard that just 10 minutes of yoga is better than no yoga at all and this makes it possible for me to make that happen.

I'm finding, as I contemplate my new springtime fitness plan, that I'm coming at it with a bit less trepidation than in years past because I haven't just been laying on the couch eating potato chips (I stand in the pantry and eat them).  My shorter, less strenuous workouts have sort of kept my fitness embers burning over the winter.  And now the thought of working out a bit more isn't making me nauseous or anything.  I'm actually almost looking forward to it.

Even though it's not Fashion Friday I do have a style tip with a fitness theme.  I don't know about you, but I certainly enjoy my workouts a bit more if I have a little something spiffy to wear while I'm huffing and puffing.  If you're in the market for leggings or the like, the Old Navy compression workout bottoms are great.  The price is incredible for what you get.  The really give you nice support and, while they're not the fanciest, you can always jazz them up with a cute workout top and some snazzy footwear.  Just a thought.

I'm wearing this.

Yes indeed.  That's the LLBean French Stripe T in that mix.  It was a very good purchase.

gratitude:  sleep, the Carla Bruni station on Pandora, iPads, Flonase

thanks and love.

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